Millions of americans are being held hostage by republicans. Also republicans are sabotaging america's defenses.

The republicans have vowed to block every single economic bill until the two bills they want, namely extending the bush taxcuts for the rich and passing a federal government funding bill, have been passed.

These bills include finding the military and extending unemployment relief for millions of americans who've lost their jobs due to the economic collapse caused mainly by 6 years of a republican president and congress.

Naturally the republicans won't let any bill pas unless it's written to their exact specifications, as they've proven since president obama was elected, so what they're really doing is extorting the obama whitehouse to give them their way completely or they'll simply do as much harm as possible to america without giving a damn about the huge numbers of people who suffer.

My advice to president obama would be to use some of the powers the bush regime put in place during it's years in power that allow the president to order the arrest of any american citizen without charges or trial, and to hold them incommunicado for an unlimited amount of time without filing charges or letting them communicate with families or lawyers to arrest the republican senators doing this, because they are essentially committing terrorism against america.

The republicans are basically holding millions of americans who are one unemployment check away fro disaster hostage, and vowing to cripple america's military by blocking it's funding. If that's not terrorism and treason, nothing is.

I, for one, would love to see the look on mitch mcconnell's face as he was cuffed and perp walked off to some undisclosed detention facility. Then, with the republican senators in detention, the democrats could pass some real bills to help the 98% of americans that the republicans don't give a damn about.

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It would impose controls and costs on the corporations, and republicans would rather have people dieing of food poisoning than see that happen.

I'm sure the republicans would support a bill protecting food makers from lawsuits filed by the peasants, however.
Why the hell does a potentially life saving medical procedure cost a quarter of a million dollars in the first place? If you want to talk about economic terrorism - there it is right there.
I'm actually listening to the News Hour on GPB while I'm checking out this post. The Republican congressman who was speaking (didn't catch which one) just comes across as a horses ass. Of course, they are all full of shit in Washington DC, but the Republicans have it coming out of their mouths. I can think of something better than arrest for the GOPers, but I shan't say it in any public forum. Let the government shut down - shit man, it's not like they're doing anything productive anyway. And they sure do make a tidy sum for sitting on their collective asses and twiddling their precious little thumbs. Nice work, if you can get it. Jerks.


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