I have noticed that in the past few months visits to the site have been decreasing, completely different when i first started here a few years back. Fewer and fewer people creating discussions, uploading photos and even the chat, i have always found to be the most active component is lower than i have ever seen. I used to see around 30 members, now rounding 10. I have seen very active members and insightful commenters leave without a trace or explanation, like Nelson.

Due to this, i'm worried about the future of the site, so i decided to start this discussion to brainstorm possible solutions.

Here are my proposals:

  • The radio show should be available within the site and downloadable, either from Dropbox or Sugarsynch.
  • Request advertisement from other atheist sites.
  • (i'm a slow thinker, will write more as soon as the inspiration strikes)

As final thoughts, I hope that i'm proven wrong and that the site is doing better than i think and that is only that i'm visiting the site on low days/hours.

Update: The boss have talked. It confirmed what Ed said, is a seasonal event. Thank you for your concern and have a good weekend.

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Once the newness wears off people lose interest becoming increasingly bored.            

It's working well enough for me.  What I like about TA is that it's punk and radical.  Atheist Nexus is where old atheists go to die over their cup of Chai, moaning bitterly about some minor point that no-one could ever give a **** about. 

You can't force these things.  If you think nothing's happening, make something happen. 

I think we need some more non-atheist categories. There is only so much you can say about the corruption of religion and ones lack of faith. Its great that we have a category called "Small Talk" but we need more specific categories in order to give users more of an incentive to post

The thing is we already do. We discuss politics, relationships, science, pseudoscience, jokes, one liners, cute/funny/though provoking pictures and videos, and the blogs section where we talk about whatever we please.

On a second look, i guess you're right, the options are too smartypants (?) at first glance.

What would you like to see Keith? I can make it happen for you.

Thanks Morgan. Well maybe we could have categories for: "Movies & TV", "Music", "Showbiz & Celebrity", "Technology & Gaming" and "News"

Those would be some of my suggestions of non-atheist categories. Thanks again 

I often run into a topic for which there is no category and so I'm forced to use Small Talk or jam the topic into a category where it is a bit off-topic. Categories I'd like to suggest:

Law, Trials, and Decisions
Crime and Punishment

Maybe you folks can think of more.

I added them guys. Let me know if you would like something else added to the forums. Thanks!

What do the stats say about page-hit rates, etc.?

I will say, UnOne, that this is one area in which you prove of some use, you stir up controversy, which causes most people here to carefully examine an issue.

I think that what is happening to our environment, most especially our climate, but other environmental issues as well, are matters that are extremely relevant in this millennium. There was a time when we feared we would go out with a bang, because we had the ability to literally blow the globe apart, but we have since discovered, beginning with a simple hole in the ozone layer, that we could also go out with a whimper, by making our planet uninhabitable for any and all life forms.

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to a category named something like Environmental Issues. I don't think there should be a separate one for each of Climate Change, The Dying Oceans, Pollution, and so on. A general category should function for all of those.


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