This Friday, I'll venture off into the mountains with my mother-in-law, 2 sister-in-laws, and a grandmother-in-law for a fun filled weekend cottage getaway. I love them all very much and genuinely count them as friends.. we all (with the exception of 'grandma') enjoy libation and star gazing in hot tubs and smoking good weed over a nice mindless comedy. We get along very well. That said, in the spirit of honest, open, respectful communication, the "God Talk" comes up quite often. It always ends in an 'agree to disagree' sort of stalemate.. but the plot thickens. My daughter, Veda, is 4 years old and the fact that 'her granddaughter is being raised in a house with no faith' profoundly troubles my mother in law. I love her and it troubles ME that she loses sleep over Veda's mortal soul. I am, in every sense, a good mama and I'm raising my daughter to think for herself.. to ask questions.. to find what makes sense and to draw her own conclusions as to the existence of God (in any shape, form, fashion, or flavor of faith). I've even gone as far as to tell her that she cannot say, at 4, that she doesn't believe in Jesus. I've caught a lot of hell about this from fellow non theists.. but.. I refuse to let her be satisfied with any belief (or lack thereof) based on what I believe.. i digress... um.. oh yes.. this weekend will lend itself, no doubt, to a heated debate about the hellfire and damnation that eternity has in store for me.. and for Veda. I'm frankly over the whole damn thing. From the fact that my daughter, at 3, dubbed the bible fiction because there were no dinosaurs on the ark... to the fact that doctors and lawyers fly planes into fucking buildings because their God affords them absolute permission AS WELL AS the promise of paradise for having done so.. and that those believers are, in essence, better 'followers' than their christian counterparts.. because they OBEY, in full, their sacred texts.. and christians simply cherry pick from theirs.. etc and so forth. Question: Can anyone suggest specific biblical passages that contradict one another? Perhaps passages that demean women? (as my MIL is a vehemently outspoken feminist). I need fresh ammunition.. not to decimate her faith.. which would be cruel, I feel.. but, rather, to help her understand that my obstinance isn't unreasonable. Thanks for reading this far. Any help would be appreciated.

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In my opinion the pick of the bunch of this:

"Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." 1 Timothy 2:11-12

Might not shut her up coming a from a woman but it's pretty clear that according to the bible, none of you should be discussing matters of faith (or anything other than kitchen skills and child-rearing). You should instead follow the wishes of your husbands and/or close male relatives.

..yes, sir.. Cook, clean, and manufacture babies. God is GOOD! pffft. Thank you for this verse.. I've written it down.. and will work with this one first. Thank you.

..well, im happy to report that i won the battle with a sister in law... and was taken aside, by the other, and told that (altho she cannot handle her mom knowing) i'd planted a seed of doubt in her head a long time ago.. that has finally come to fruition. :) 


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