This Friday, I'll venture off into the mountains with my mother-in-law, 2 sister-in-laws, and a grandmother-in-law for a fun filled weekend cottage getaway. I love them all very much and genuinely count them as friends.. we all (with the exception of 'grandma') enjoy libation and star gazing in hot tubs and smoking good weed over a nice mindless comedy. We get along very well. That said, in the spirit of honest, open, respectful communication, the "God Talk" comes up quite often. It always ends in an 'agree to disagree' sort of stalemate.. but the plot thickens. My daughter, Veda, is 4 years old and the fact that 'her granddaughter is being raised in a house with no faith' profoundly troubles my mother in law. I love her and it troubles ME that she loses sleep over Veda's mortal soul. I am, in every sense, a good mama and I'm raising my daughter to think for herself.. to ask questions.. to find what makes sense and to draw her own conclusions as to the existence of God (in any shape, form, fashion, or flavor of faith). I've even gone as far as to tell her that she cannot say, at 4, that she doesn't believe in Jesus. I've caught a lot of hell about this from fellow non theists.. but.. I refuse to let her be satisfied with any belief (or lack thereof) based on what I believe.. i digress... um.. oh yes.. this weekend will lend itself, no doubt, to a heated debate about the hellfire and damnation that eternity has in store for me.. and for Veda. I'm frankly over the whole damn thing. From the fact that my daughter, at 3, dubbed the bible fiction because there were no dinosaurs on the ark... to the fact that doctors and lawyers fly planes into fucking buildings because their God affords them absolute permission AS WELL AS the promise of paradise for having done so.. and that those believers are, in essence, better 'followers' than their christian counterparts.. because they OBEY, in full, their sacred texts.. and christians simply cherry pick from theirs.. etc and so forth. Question: Can anyone suggest specific biblical passages that contradict one another? Perhaps passages that demean women? (as my MIL is a vehemently outspoken feminist). I need fresh ammunition.. not to decimate her faith.. which would be cruel, I feel.. but, rather, to help her understand that my obstinance isn't unreasonable. Thanks for reading this far. Any help would be appreciated.

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..thank you for the concise links.. beautiful. ;-)

Sounds similar to a birthday party for my mother coming up: a captive party at a gated motor home retirement community. 4 days of food, politics(Why are you not supporting Romney?), religion, good food, and only a few people show up because my aunt and uncle did not think of the cost for the rest of us. My wife was going to go, but no dogs allowed(our puppies would not survive the bordom).

One way I get through such things is to keep my mouth full, have my computer with lots to read, and long nature walls. Sadly, none of these options can be indulged in 24/7.


..good luck with that super fun event. lol. 'mouth shut', unfortunately translates to "her ears MUST be open, so i'm gonna give it a go.." where my wine-drunken MIL is concerned.. I AM considering the idea of appointing Sam Harris' "Letter to a Christian Nation" as the official 'bathroom read' for the duration of the trip.. Who knows? It may work for you too.

I love my mother dearly, her turning 80, after being 76 for so long, seems like a milestone..;p).

My aunt and uncle helped plan two of my three marriages, inspite of everything, showing up seems the least of them. Anyway, I was hopping to rent their motor home for a weekend, one of these days...;p). LOL 

..ah, the big 8-0 after the big 7-6. Thats quite a leap. My mother-in-law has been 42 since i met her. Mayhaps I should have the 'grow up' talk with her; gently reminding  her that her eldest son will be 36 next month.. James Cox, you make me giggle.. Thank you for being delightfully asinine. ;-) Your mama did a good job with you.

I don't always that from folks. I am most likely over compensating here. LOL

I was asked to join a family, unrelated, in for a turkey dinner once while working for them. Sadly someone asked me what I 'did', and since I have been a rather issolated nerd, I did a full core memory dump, without compression. After about 8 mins, a little one, a young girl with mashed potatoes on her face, mentioned that 'you talk too much!' This seemed very true, at the time, and since their toilet was still not working, I finished my turkey portion, and made hast to the awaiting commode. Atleast the sink worked..;p).

Since, I try to confine my excess verbage to email, unless other, un-restrained nerds, are present. Asinine, guilty as charged.  

You're not without faith, you just don't place your faith in a mythological magical sorcerer, but rather in the capacity of the human mind to discover the truth. And your faith is based on results, not hopes and wishes and prayers.

..ah, duly noted.  I do not subscribe to BLIND faith of any kind.. but you're quite right; i am NOT, in fact,  without faith.. Its quite sad to consider how empty and futile life without faith must be. Food for thought.. Thank you. 

Well said sir....

I didn't teach my kids to be atheists, they were born that way. I just didn't lie to them about religion. They know other people believe in gods, but mommy and daddy don't, and so they stayed atheists, as they were born. Some would say as god intended.

Some would say as god intended.

How delightfully ironic. god intended.. that's just... delightful. ;-)


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