Have you ever noticed how much fun it is to preach to the choir? When everybody agrees with everything you say you can walk away confirmed that you are right with the world. Lately I have been irritated with the news and talk radio hosts. They have been preaching to the choir so much that they all just pat themselves on the back and agree with each other. When someone calls in to dissagree with them they are short with them or cut them off and talk about their own stuff. So all the callers have become people with the same religion talking politics in the same way day after day. They have cut the diversity out of talk radio. I love to hear what other people are thinking, especially about religion and especially if they are going to include their religion into politics. The politicians who reveal their religious beliefs are putting up a poster that says " If you don't have the same religion as I do then don't vote for me"

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Here is another case of Atheism attacking believers...this time in England.

“Despite our secularist enemies, we are on the brink of a Christian Spring” says a Catholic as she lists 41 laws that discriminate against them.

It's entertaining to read, links included. The acts against Christians which are detestable come down to acts perpetrated by private citizens who are violating the law. The acts of law "against" Christians seem to be largely down to stripping away Christian super-privilege.

It was nice to see replies on the preaching to the choir thought. I do like to hear what others think even when I don't agree. It keeps you on your toes. When you think of it there are a lot more of them (people having some sort of religion) than there are of us, aren't there? I guess that depends on who you ask. I will still listen to talk radio  just long enough to hear what they are talking about. We even have a Christian radio station. I have heard them speak intelligently about things from time to time without getting too glassy-eyed. It  beats going to church to check them out. A little too much opposition for me.

My family and I live deep in Fundamentalist territory. Whether we're at work, out to dinner at a local restaurant, or at the grocery story, we have to stay on guard constantly. Our home is nearly the only refuge we have where we can relax and let our guard down. The last thing I want to do at the end of the day is argue what seems so obvious to us, and for this reason I enjoy when I finally find a discussion with like-minded people where I might actually learn something and gain a greater understanding, instead of having to constantly argue I'm not the one who drank the cool aid.


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A fun test for all you ex-Christians

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