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I've lurked here for a little while and haven't posted much... but I received some ridiculous mail today and thought you guys would have some fun helping me write a response. Basically this "St. Matthews Church" is saying that if I pray on this "rug" God will bless me with lots of money, a car, a house, etc...It's a piece of paper, by the way.


I posted some pics on twitter:


I'd love to write something back but I think a couple of minds would do better for this one. Any witty responses?

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You, Sir, win 15 internets.



I got this same thing like 2 years ago. It cracked me up!

I am not sure what to say in response, except you might want to point out what their theoretical Jesus would think of them distributing pieces of paper, calling them 'rugs', and then promising weath, success, and material goods in return for a few prayers said while 'kneeling' on your 'prayer rug'....hehehehehe. I would like to see a person TRY fit both knees on this 8.5x11 piece of paper. Maybe if you are six! LOL.

AND the one I received, at least, was asking for a monetary donation in return for their 'gift' of said 'prayer rug'. WTF? You send me an unsolicited piece of mail containing a bunch of lies AND you want my money? I think I laughed for 20 minutes over this. I threw the 'prayer rug' away and ripped up the donation sheet. I would not want anyone to get ahold of it and send in a donation in my name! I want nothing to do with them and their false prayer rugs! LOL!!!!!

Too funny.

But, seriously, is this a Christ-like thing to do? I love to throw that 'What would Jesus do" crap right back at them. No! I've got it! Write to them and demand your money, new house, and car. Tell them that you prayed and prayed over their rug and you didn't receive any of the promised items from God OR Jesus or anybody so you would like them to fulfill their promises to you. Who knows, maybe you'll get it. (Well, I doubt that). It probably won't even make them see what's wrong with what their doing, but at least you might get some amusement out of it!



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