This is an invite from a pentecostal friend of the family. The facebook "event" was called Prayers for Bailee, and was directly sent to me from a person who knew before hand that I am an atheist. What? if I fake it will it make a difference? anyway, here it is:

There comes times in life where we face obstacles which no power on earth may overcome. In these times of darkness and uncertainty, we have no other choice but to petition to a power greater then ours, one which can defy logic and understanding on a daily basis.
This is one of those times for a young girl named Bailee. While not yet born both her life and her mothers hangs in the balance due to abnormality large kidney stones which are causing temporal organ failure, unimaginable periods of pain, which could result in far reaching problems.
The only cure for the stones is a procedure or operation which will cause critical damage to the baby who is not yet fully developed.
Please Pray for Bailee, her mother, and the doctors to receive God’s grace and mercy.

May the prayers for them not be delayed, but heard loud and clear across the heavens to God so that the angel comes to bring peace, and gentle healing to this situation.


I replied by saying "I can only give you my sympathy and concern, sorry, I don't believe in prayer".

What I wanted to say was:

there IS power on earth that can overcome. Science.

"the baby who is not yet fully developed." and "temporal organ failure, unimaginable periods of pain, which could result in far reaching problems."

...this is why abortion is legal, and should always remain legal.
...what would you expect from me? lol

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This is one of those things that just doesn't make sense to me. If God is omnicient, all-loving, and has a Big Ineffable Plan for everyone... then why ask for anything through prayer?

And if that prayer does in fact get answered, does that not suggest that the plan is, well, effable?
And of course, when the praying inevitably fails, it'll be medical science's fault and not God's. It's only God's doing if good things happen.
Is "God" the surgeon's name?
I am just baffled by people who ask me about a god. Which god are you talking about? Zeus? Allah? Frodo Baggins?
Blasphemy! There is only one god, and his name is Batman! Praise the Bat! Praise him!
Adam West. Duhhhhhhh... ;)
HERETIC! It's Kevin Conroy! Burn you at the stake!
The mayor of Quahog Rode Island.
Well you'd think her all knowing and all merciful "god" would disolve the large kidney stones so mother and child would be unharmed. With that said I have ppl ask me for prayer or say they'll pray for me and my irritates the shit outta me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont let it bother me too much...the praying for me anyway. I know it's a meaningful, yet useless gesture.

as far as asking me two pray for I already said: what? if I fake it will it make a difference?
it's annoying.
As the sole (mostly in the closet) atheist in a deeply religious family & circles of friends, I see many messages like this and feel tempted to respond the same way. However, it is important to keep in mind they mean the best by it, and it is hardly the forum to start that discussion. To be good representatives of our nonfaith, we must first avoid any appearance of the oft-attributed antagonism and hostility. Religious people often use "pray for" in the same casual way nonreligous use "keep in thoughts" - a simple expression of acknowlegment, empathy, solidarity and support. Like a gift given with the best intentions but no meaning to us personally, we should be gracious for the gesture and merely avoid reciprocating.


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