Today was my graduation and before we started a prayer was said by a student. I thought this was illegal in the United States, it was in Texas. I thought it was senseless and the school principal and board members showed little respect to the non-christian community (atheist, and every other religion). What are your thoughts on this? Does anybody knows if it is legal in Texas and why?

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Hey, congratulations on graduating!

As to 'legal', people do illegal things all the time - it's only when challenged with a writ, do they get pulled up on it.  There seems to be a fine line between forced prayer, school prayer and 'optional' prayer - if you want to get some input, contact the American Humanist Association.  Misty:Baytheist Living has a thread going that talks about a lawsuit they are involved in.

Another alternative is the Freedom From Religion Foundation,  They sue over shit like this all the time.

I recognize that photo, that was the high school team that show it on their first football game and lost by a lot. Isn't it?

Same problem here in Alabama! I just recently graduated as well. I had my senior breakfast, baccalaureate (a pre-grad ceremony that not every school does), and my graduation ceremony in three different churches.

At my senior breakfast, a well known meteorologist from here, James Spann, preached to us. At my baccalaureate, an EVANGELIST came and preached to us. And at my graduation, there were several prayers. This happens every year and no one seems to think a thing of it.

What part of Alabama if I can ask? I lived in Demopolis for my junior year, and we also had that problem. My tennis coach used to pray almost every practice with us, but at the time I didn't know that it was illegal, also I was in a phase where I still considered myself a christian, and besides he was a great guy.
Anyway, we also had baccalaureate here in Texas, but I didn't go because it was in a church and wasn't mandatory.

If it was arranged/promoted/scheduled by the school, then no it was not legal and you can contact the Freedom From Religion Foundation about it if you want. They've enacted lawsuits over this kind of church/state separation violation before.  it usually takes legal action to stop it, as those arranging the prayers tend to believe that their religious beliefs are above the law.

You mean the state that recently decided it's legal to hunt and bag a Bigfoot? Let's just hope that if there is other life in the universe, and they ever decide to visit us, that they don't land in Texas first! I would suspect it's anything goes --

BTW, congratulations!

"The matter came up when Oregon-based Bigfoot buff John Lloyd Scharf contacted Texas Parks & Wildlife's David Sinclair to see if he could hunt the mythical beasts without getting busted. Turns out you can, the way the law is written. Killing an exotic nonendangered animal in Texas is legal. While there may be very few Sasquatches in existence, undocumented species are not protected. Therefore, Bigfoot could be the biggest tgrophy that will ever hang above a fireplace."

Bigfoot burger, anyone?

If you needed proof that Texans are crazy--------

Rick "Oops" Perry is governor - no further proof required!

Please tell me you did not just call George W Bush our greatest president ever. He bankrupted this country, started two illegal wars, spied on our communications, stole tax dollars and gave them to the rich, and tampered with an election. Rick Perry is Bush 2.0, willing to do all that an more for the sake of his own pocketbook.

Yeah, they draw straws at the Good Ol' Boys Club.


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