in my small town of Harrison i go to one of the top schools in the state i am one of the very few atheists at this school  but at the beginning of each year the principal stands up and calls a prayer to the entire high school in our school cafeteria , and say it is optional,  i need to know if it is prohibited by the law in any way 

also at least one of the teachers in the school has the biblical poster of the ten commandments on the wall of their class room  i'm pretty sure that that is prohibited by the law.

please give me any information if their is laws prohibiting said examples if their are if u can tell me any way to get a hold of people who can help me inform the school of their mistakes  because they wont listen to me of the other atheists at all.

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What Nelson says.  Although, if you decide to stand up for your rights, be aware of how it might affect you personally.  It may make your life temporaraily miserable, but it also may end up for the greater good.


Good luck!

ive already made a point of how flaming i am about being an atheist so its expected of me to do something like this and not many people would mess with a 6 foot 2 inch IQ 170 and bucks 18 wheeler tires at his fathers shop type of guy.    thank all of you and Nelson i will get a hold of those groups 

That helps, doesn't it?  I'm 6' 3" and opinionated.  I never seem to have issues with people trying to make my life miserable for my open atheism.

the FFRF has responded to the violation report  and they have said they will respond to the things i have pointed out  hopefully they will sort this out sonn i know me and the other atheist are sick of it

Thanks for the update!

the poster has been taken down and i have a feeling the school wont b praying  at the beinning of th eyear anymore the pricipal was walking around angry the day befor the poster came down



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