So, I just graduated from a 2 year technical college in December. At the beginning of our graduation ceremony they had a pastor lead us in a prayer. I felt kinda weird being the only person I saw NOT bowing my head down. I wasn't too bothered by it because I live in Texas, bible belt country, but I just wanted to know how you guys felt about it. Have you ever been in any weird positions like this? Thanks.

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I feel gross just thinking about it.

I've been in situations where prayer was TOTALLY inappropriate and I have complained.
I hope that somehow you can and maybe will complain.


I just can't believe the college felt it was appropriate and that they didn't think they'd be in some sort of legal trouble.

I hope my university doesn't invite anyone of faith (pastor, Imam,rabbi) etc to lead us into prayer.
I doubt it would happen since we're a pretty diverse campus. We have a pretty decent Muslim student population.

I searched for previous cases, but all I found were cases involving high school graduations. I don't think I'm gonna worry about it, but it just really caught me off guard when it happened. Hopefully your school will be more respectful of other people.
its inappropriate, and may be illegal...
I hope they dont do that when I graduate.  I would not bow my head, and I probably wouldn't complain (to them), but I might snicker.
Colleges and universities are PRIVATE institutions.  As such, they can do whatever they want with regard to religion.  It was rude and inconsiderate of them, but it was not illegal.  You've only found mention of this being a problem at high school graduations because most high schools are PUBLIC (government run) institutions.  It IS illegal there.  However, even at private high schools, prayer is legal.

It was not a gradition that I went to but a MLK remembrance ceremony. They had a pastor speaking and a choir singing. I was a bit shocked because I thought that the "higher-ups" would have used rational thinking in their decision making about college events, lol, I guess I was wrong. I left close to the end when they wanted everyone to stand up, hold hands, and sing old slave hymns.


I have to say though that the african american churches were a favorite of mine to visit when I was a christian.

The same thing happened at my graduation from Essex County College. I definitely wasn't the only one who didn't bow my head, but I felt the urge to tell them to stop that. But, I didn't want any unwanted backlash from it. I'm now at a Catholic, 4 year institution, and unfortunately, I expect to have at least one school official praying at the graduation : /
On choir tour during high school, we sang at a church, and once we finished singing we had to sit through the entire service. It was a bit uncomfortable, since I was the only one not bowing my head and participating in the prayers, but I considered it an interesting cultural experience and pretended I was like, an anthropologist or something. The worst part of the whole experience was the crappy christian rock band. I always used to believe that there was no musical genre that was completely without good points, but I have yet hear christian rock that isn't utter crap both musically and lyrically. (wow, sorry, totally went off on a tangent there). I don't think the trip organizers broke any rules though, since the trip was totally optional and wasn't considered school time.

You should have invited a witchdoctor yourself and let him do a raindance or something and tell the rest that it's your religion and they should respect it or else :)

lol. So ironic. The witchdoctor would've been funny, but the situation really just caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting it.
Everyday before we eat, my parents gesture the cross and say a prayer. I just look at the walls and wait patiently. It doesn't bother me much.


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