PowerDVD 10 Provides Excellent HD Playback on PC - Free Trial Version is an Opportunity that Shouldn't be Missed!!

Occasionally I will try out a new piece of software. I don't have much money, which often means I end up using only trial versions of computer programs such as Winrar and Tunebite. Of course I enjoy freeware... but as you all probably know those always come with a risk of viruses and spyware and are usually as not of good quality as the ones you have to pay for.

Usually I would not share a program I checked out... but today I found what I thought was a rare gem. Granted, I'm not too acquainted with the world of High Definition... due to my low budget.. but since my computer carries HD playback capabilities... I thought I would give it a try. ^_^


Well! My goodness was I impressed!

I rented the Blu Ray version of The Da Vinci Code [which happens to be one of my favorite movies] to try out the HD capabilities of my new notebook.

I discovered that my PC did not have a Blu Ray player put in. [apparently microsoft CONVIENIENTLY forgot to mention that to me when they boasted that my PC would have Blu Ray playing capabilities]


Anyhow... so I went looking for one on the internet and found an absolutely amazing Blu Ray/ DVD / 3D player... and downloaded the free trial version [which is, in itself, incredible!]. I have not been able to pay the apprx. $60 for the full version... but the trial version is excellent in itself! True you may not have it forever... but I urge you not to pass this opportunity up!


The Name of the Software Program is PowerDVD 10


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