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I've got a few Muscovies, a couple of mallard mutts, a Rhode Island and a Rocky. 

What do you raise? 

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I'm getting rid of my RIR and BR chickens. 

F#$%^&(G A#@$%%Q##Wes! 

They have decided that they like to come in the house (for no freaking reason at all!) since I leave the back door open for the dog and cat. 

Can't deal with them anymore! 

Trading them for a few more Muscovies. 


I am not on the homestead yet but hopefully in a year or two we will be able to get a property out west and get started really living. I have been doing a ton of research and have begun setting up a master binder of all the things we will need. The very first thing (after getting the place, moving, getting the garden started and trees planted) is to get chickens. From what I've read they are one of the best starter animals for first time homesteaders. I spent a good portion of my childhood on my grandfathers farm in Canada and my boyfriend's family has a large garden which he helps tend to so we are pretty good as far as the garden goes but neither of us has ever owned chickens. 

So far, from my research I have tentatively decided on Buff Orpingtons as our dual purpose birds and possibly some Lace Wyandottes for eggs and feathers (I just think they're amazingly beautiful!). Has anyone ever had a combo of these birds? Do they get along well? Can I have them in with Guinea fowl and/or turkeys? Any suggestions of other chickens that would go well with such a flock?

Thanks for any help!


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