Discuss your poultry here!

I've got a few Muscovies, a couple of mallard mutts, a Rhode Island and a Rocky. 

What do you raise? 

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I'm going to be butchering another Muscovy this weekend. 

My big drake, Duck Vader, was the season's first meat. His mate, Molly has moved herself from egg-layer to food status because she's been on a warpath, literally killing the shit out of anything slower and weaker. So far she's murdered six chicks, my Americano layer and nearly killed a mallard hen. I'm pretty sure the wee black duck is going to survive, (Though I think the head wounds left her um.. disabled. She stumbles a lot now.) 

I've hunted and field dressed duck the easy way since I was young. This is going to be my first time attempting to pluck a carcass, instead of wings-off and skinned. 

Any suggestions or tips?

The plan is to use a kill cone, a 5 gallon bucket of water at 140 degrees F with a few drops of dish soap to loosen up the feathers. I might remove the wings, if they prove to be too much of an issue to pluck. 

Wish me luck!

Thanks for the link, Halo.. 

That's pretty much my normal slaughter plan, minus the wax and care for fois gras. 

RE: "What do you raise?"


Obviously an early ancestor of my Muscovies. 

Molly was delicious, by the way. 

Her baby, Brew Duck is a healthy, happy little duckling used to indoor/outdoor living. I really hope it's a female so I can keep her outside for eggs. Right now she wears a diaper and flops around the brewery when my husband is out making our beer. 

RE: "Molly was delicious, by the way." - I hope you're not suggesting what it sounds like you're suggesting - delicious? Think again --

I really ought to stop giving my animals human-sounding names. 

But that's how you get them as tax deductions ;)

Gah. NOT here, we don't. My husband is an immigrant with a resident visa. We have enough trouble getting social security cards, as is! 

My animals are named: Ramsay, Eleanor, Ginger, Pepper, Squeaky Toy 1 & 2, and the baby Brew Duck. 

Molly and Duck Vader were Brew Duck's parents, but they became food this year. 

I'm inclined to agree, Misty - maybe something more prophetic, like "Thanksgiving," or "Pot Roast" - good thing they don't understand the language, that could give them a complex --

There once was a chicken named Mabel

Who'd had as many eggs as she was able

She'd put up a squawk, but she couldn't talk

So now she's in Marsala on the table.

Did you mean poultry or poetry? 

Um... I'll take either. 

Especially if it's poultry poetry! 

Muscovies were my first and now favorite. My blacks are just waaay too vocal for the suburbs. I have to keep bribing my neighbors with eggs! Remember to clip flight feathers off one wing of your females in the fall, otherwise they will own your backyard. :) 

I was thinking about doing a turkey or two for the holidays, but I hear they need a lot of room. 

I'm literally 8 miles from the heart of downtown Portland, My back yard is pretty spacious and my neighbors are really cool (because I feel half the block!) but man.. I dunno if I can do a turkey...Sooo jealous, though!


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