Been reading a bit on psychology and how the brain and emotion works, found out we store memory with emotions and when an event reoccurs (you see what you saw before) the emotion tagged to it comes out. So you see food you salivate, you see hear or think of a girl you have a crush on the emotion tag to it emerges as butterflies. However new emotions overwrites the prior, once you get comfortable around the girl, a dog, a scary guy the prior emotion is overwritten. It’s supposed to be an evolutionary trait that has an advantage as a predetermined response to a stimulus.
Same things goes for Christianity to God and the emotional response they have to this name not a thing is quite high and as suggested this is the first thing to come out before assessment. Maybe a bit of counter programming should be done as such; once God enters into the equation instead of trying to bombard the guy with counter measures try depressing news. If this works as suggested the happy happy usually associated by the guy with the stimulus God will have more sad in between which we atheists plainly know and felt before or after becoming atheists. I heard that Richard Dawkin said being an atheist makes you smart, too bad he doesn’t give out degree’s for that but we can use science to our favor, remember Christians have the technique in their world; the church songs, the backgrounds songs in movies, cute people confessing (associate God + the cute we like)… If we can at least drop that emotion to a lower level dropping God will be more possible.
You don’t have to go to massacre that religion committed even just keep the topic of God as emotionally dry as possible (don't make him feel more happy about God) , just keep including other boring, depressing or troubling events, the trick is how to keep God in the topic at the same time with depressing or non euphoria news.
There’s a draw back however, the person is likely to experience other good events linking the term God with good, Christians meet those plenty so unless it’s someone you have a lot of access to like a family member you’re emotions-stimulus link will be overwritten before you go for the final blow of expressing a lack of need for a God. It’s not however impossible there are ways to keep you’re link on such as a song talking of God in a less that praise way gradually to criticism… what do you think can we play shrink with Christians?

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This method will only work if the person isn't much of a critical thinker and has never read up on anything relating to the logical problem of evil. If the believer has a shallow belief in some sort of fuzzy, ill-defined deity, they may fall for this. But the moment someone who's dug a little into the issue ("does god have morally sufficient reasons for permitting evil?") hears this method being used, you'll probably wind up just looking foolish. Not a good idea if you're supposed to be championing reason and logic and rationality.


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