Checkout this photo series of a very large number of pornstars without makeup. I'm really curious for some details about who did, what enticement was given to the girls, and of course what you have to say about it.

Below is just one sample:

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We do not all use make-up, even if we want to get laid.  That's a really rather unbelievable thing you've said there.  Maybe you were being sarcastic.  I hope you were.

I am not against make-up, and I have been known to use it myself, but I have been able to get laid just fine without it, thank you very much.

yuck!.. a lot of them kinda looked better without make up... but damn.. that's sad.

Define "better" for the purposes of the discussion. Prettier? More approachable looking? 

better... natural beauty,looks good without makeup.yea approachable,although females with a sweet attitude,a bit of class and a genuine respect for themselves are prettier and always approachable ugly or not.  

And this has what to do with atheism?

I don't see why, in the Small Talk area, it has to have anything to do with atheism


An off topic area is a good idea ... sometimes I need to step aside from all the atheist talk.

Okay, I'll bite: It's a good thing God intelligently designed and created make-up!

Im probably right off topic but this remind me of these .... That little girl getting the botox is 6.

Referring to the last pair of pics. I'm an ex-parent (meaning my daughter has grown up). Preteen and early teen girls do like dressing up to look more adult, and I think as a parent you have to indulge it a bit. However, I'd never let my daughter go out in public looking like that. 

I have a 13 year old girl and they just love doing makeovers.  I even let my daughter take the main bedroom with the ensuite and walk-in wardrobe so she could have the full girly effect. This is where her and her girlftiends hang out on weekends. Im happy for them to play around but leave the house like THAT ... no way.


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