Checkout this photo series of a very large number of pornstars without makeup. I'm really curious for some details about who did, what enticement was given to the girls, and of course what you have to say about it.

Below is just one sample:

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They have to graduate into the sexual world, typically in their early teens, to begin to realize that there's a sexual vocabulary involved in how we dress. No, I'm not saying that a girl who dresses up particularly sexy deserves to be raped, but we can't ignore the kind of attention she's inviting if she dresses a certain way. I mean, of course a pretty young woman going out to a club on Friday night wants to look sexy, and so she puts on the sexy dress that exposes a lot of cleavage and a lot of leg as well as her favorite pair of matching 5" platform heels. But she'll be viewed as sexy by men she'd never want anything to do with (some of them perhaps dangerous) as well as those she wants to attract.

I can truly understand why some cultures marry them off young.

Not that I agree with it ....

Nature is telling the to do it ... Nurture is telling them not to.

Imagine villiage life with horny teenagers running aroung ... there'd be no controlling them.

How does a poor farmer support his teenage girls unplanned pregnancies ...

Yeah, that would happen to my daughter over my cold, lifeless body. Make-up, make overs, make yourself look pretty so you could pretend to be like mommy or some queen or princess or whatever? Go for it... botox?!? And that toddlers in tiaras b.s.?!?! No way... I want my little girl to be my little girl as long as she wants, as long as she'll let me keep her that way and as long as nature intended (until she's 18 of course, lol ;-)...)! 

To quote a meme:

  • under age
  • bad fake tan
  • too much make up
  • no boobs
  • no curves
  • awful clothes

0/10 would not bang.

Btw, Unseen, shouldn't it be erotica-stars?

I prefer "erotica" for it all (because "porn" has a built-in judgmentality to it). And I mean even the nasty stuff, but I can't ignore totally the way words are used in everyday language.

I think a lot of the differences in lighting some are seeing may be due to the makeup. Makeup artists and amateurs use a technique called highlighting and contouring. Highlighting and contouring is a technique where lighter shades of makeup are used to make certain features stand out and darker colors to make certain features recede. This technique is also described as having your own lighting crew, because it mimics the effects of professional lighting.

In many (probably most) cases the girls have had some base added to their entire face, making it lighter and much less reflective.

In that first pic I think the slight tilt of the head in the after-shots does something to make her prettier but I can't explain what it is. 

The before shots tend to be rather blah while the after shots definitely show a little more concentration on expressions.

First thought was uhhh ok the girl in the photo is sexier with the make up on but She's still adorable without it.  Ok so big deal.  

Then I clicked on the link and was like...'Ohhh.  Now I see why you posted this thread.' 

Tori Black was still quite beautiful to me without make up but honestly I'd say only 2 out of 10 I found attractive without it.  

I think we need to bear in mind that any girl can go into a department store's cosmetics department and get an amazing makeup transformation similar to these from the person behind the counter. It isn't only pornstars who can be transformed by some makeup work. I remember when my daughter got married. She got a makeup artist and a hair stylist and when they were done and she was in her wedding gown, she could have played a princess in a Hollywood movie. (I should note, she's a very attractive woman anyway, in a natural way.) 


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