Checkout this photo series of a very large number of pornstars without makeup. I'm really curious for some details about who did, what enticement was given to the girls, and of course what you have to say about it.

Below is just one sample:

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Im gonna say that their skin and their eyes are the most noticable things that have changed for me.  That being said, damn, most of them girls look rough either way.  One thing I actively look for in a girl (aside from being an atheist) is whether or not she needs a pound of make up to look pretty.  Nothing better than a natural pretty face in the morning.  I also agree society has put a phenomenal amount of pressure on girls to distort themselves into what "we" deem pretty, and our brains have taken the bait.  Take the victoria secret models.  How much skinnier can they find these women?  Adriana Lima is gorgeous but Karly Kloss is just going to far.  Eat a sandwich girl..or 5.  The morst transformative...Ok I just looked through them again, and fuck who can say?  So many meet the requirement I think it might be better to ask who was the least..and  I'll say Samantha Saint. 

Fun to read, men talking about makeup. Good break from all the serious talk. Thank you guys.

Oh, we notice makeup. And as a photographer of women for about 15 years I've learned a few things about makeup and wardrobe. I remember being on the elevator with a young woman years ago. My head was down, as this is what a person who is on their own (not with a friend) does when in that situation. I noticed her shoes and said, "Those are really great Mary Janes." She looked a little shocked at first then said with a laugh, "I'm surprised that you even know what Mary Janes are! Are you a shoe salesman?"

I find it interesting that people that do any form of Art have an eye for detail and that they are more observint of their suroundings. You can give ten people a camera and let them al take pictures in the same suroundings, but the Artist will be the one that can find the moment or just the right object to capture, I admire that. I love photography and one day when I am all grown up and have the time would love to do a cours in photography. I for one found this post very interesting and refreshing

I have a theory that if you hypersexualize anything enough, you can get a man to want to have sex with it. The eroticization of transgender persons comes to mind, as does children-- as a matter of fact, I have to wonder how many convicted pedophiles aren't actually wired to be pedophiles but are wired to want to have sex with anything that has makeup and a sexy pose. Even this:

This is an animated anthropomorphic zebra. The Hyena-swine in me looks intently, but the Sayer of the Law in me kicks down the door and cries "Not to go on all fours, that is the law! Are we not men?!"

"I have a theory that if you hypersexualize anything enough, you can get a man to want to have sex with it."

It depends on what the man finds sexy.  But The zebra picture above 'could' be sexy to me if the zebras face was prettier.  After all, some cartoon characters can be VERY sexy.  Jessica Rabbit, Bulma from DragonBall Z, etc...

I don't know, I think sexualizing animated women, or animating women in a sexualized way, kind of smooths things over and enhances too much. I think make-up's the same. Unrealistic expectations and standards maybe, but more to the point I'm worried that if this is the status quo, will we be unable to be attracted to the original? Will we even recognize it? It's kind of like when we see things from the bottom of the ocean. We're like "holy shit god what the fuck is that?!" We're too far removed from it, so we instinctively think it's hideous. I'm thinking when we take the make-up off a woman, are we starting to have that reaction when faced with a human? That thought scares me on some level. Humans are supposed to be attracted to humans.

Unrealistic expectations and standards maybe, but more to the point I'm worried that if this is the status quo, will we be unable to be attracted to the original?

I don't know how old you are, but this smacks of lack of real-world experience. I think most of us guys who are or have been married will tell you that loved our partners both with and without makeup. Any of you married or once-married guys disagree with me? Any of you get a divorce after seeing your partner without her makeup?

Wait. Marriage is about sex?

I've read of studies that "beautiful" women have a significantly higher rate of endometriosis, likely an evolutionary cost of beauty's selective pressure that humans haven't yet had the evolutionary time to overcome.

I think appearance and vanity are severely overrated. I discouraged my girls from wearing makeup and told them how beautiful they are without it. I also told them "fat is bad", but for health reasons, not appearance reasons.

I can't effectively fight the makeup/fantasy appearance social (and commercial/industry) pressures, but I'm happy to say that there's a lot of great choice out there among the vastly underrated population of the less pop/beauty/vanity-oriented single human beings!

Appearance is a big factor in attraction. As for makeup, there is makeup and there is makeup. A girl going to class probably shouldn't be made up like it's Prom Night. A lot of well-done makeup is hardly noticeable, but does enhance appearance. I think any woman will tell you that subtle makeup enhancements are much harder to do than the cheap-looking stuff girls in their early teens specialize in. 

Applying appropriate makeup is part of dressing up. If she's getting ready for a night of theater and is wearing an evening gown, that is an appropriate time to use makeup as part of the dressing up, along with more attention to hair, etc.


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