Checkout this photo series of a very large number of pornstars without makeup. I'm really curious for some details about who did, what enticement was given to the girls, and of course what you have to say about it.

Below is just one sample:

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And noooooo my fantasies for Kristina Rose have been shattered :(

What would you folks say is the most amazing transformation in the bunch?

I'll start. However, I ran into the same problem you might: there are a goodly number of stunning transformations. 

Aria Amor in the before shot clearly has one eye (her right) about 1/4" higher on her face than the other, but somehow makeup and hair styling solves that problem. (BTW, most people have one eye slightly higher than the other. The biologists tell us it helps in depth perception. However, it can't be too obvious because the anthropologists tell us that we tend to favor facial symmetry when perceiving beauty.)

I'd say Larkin Love's transformation is very dramatic. 

Zarina Summers was the girl I chose for the original post. The curious thing about her transformation is that she's pretty girl even before the transformation, but once she's "done," she's hardly recognizable and is beautiful in a totally different (more glamorous) way.

Clearly, most of these girls are fairly safe from being "outed" on the street.

This one is the only one who remotely looks semi attractive without make up on

But I rather go for the natural beauty look

The bottom picture has makeup on, too, just not as much.

This one is the only one who remotely looks semi attractive without make up on

I'm sure the women here will find that depressing. BTW, did you notice that in the bottom photo her lips haven't had any noticeable work done?

Yes I did and her small lips look a lot sexier than those plastic surgery big lips. I am not sure why women even go for that Jessica Rabbit look. Never saw the attractiveness in that. 

Well, some (certainly not all) women buy into the humongous hooters thing. Not all men obsess about huge breasts. I'll take a nice A- or B-cup pair on a basically pretty girl over some maxi-sized "HHH" or whatever size boobs.

BTW, when will these chicks (or maybe I should be talking to the plastic surgeons?) learn that real breasts aren't round on the top. Too many boob jobs look like the girl is armed with torpedoes.

they do these for stars all the time. quite fun to see them looking human. porn stars without make-up is a new idea though! who would have thought?

Maybe Unseen is onto something, a new way to make money in the porn industry...

Reality Porn..........coming to you soon from a bedroom in your town...

Regular folks

Not make-up

No special lighting

No paid actors

Just butt ugly people banging each other




I was gonna post up some pics of ugly people to go with this, but when I googled "ugly people pics", I got so sick I just couldn't share that with you nice folks. :(

This is definitely in the right discussion forum - small talk. While I can understand the desire for a woman to feel good about herself the use of body modification, in this case make-up, is unnatural in my view. American society seems especially absorbed in this practice of illusion.


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