Checkout this photo series of a very large number of pornstars without makeup. I'm really curious for some details about who did, what enticement was given to the girls, and of course what you have to say about it.

Below is just one sample:

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I don't see a link to other pictures.

Neither do I

Sorry. Fixed.

I am totally shocked how makeup on women has altered my sense of what is and isn't beautiful.

And I think it's kinda terrible.

Sounds like a line straight from feminist propaganda lol.

The girl in Unseens OP is kinda cute actually without, but I followed the link and some of the contrast is really shocking.

Some of them look like completely different people! It's crazy how a little color can change one's perception of features until it no longer looks the same.

Clearly, after looking at all of the transformations, the two most telling fixes are doing something about the bags under the eyes and prettying up the hair. Yeah, the example I chose to give in the post is hardly the most extreme transformation. In fact, I might prefer to encounter the more natural girl in everyday life. The more made up version looks more distant and self-involved, less open to friendship.

As a photographer, I'm also noticing that the made up girls are doing some conscious facial expressions instead of just looking into the camera the way they do in the "before" photos.

True, but most girls look better with some makeup and they know how to use makeup and still look pretty natural. Even a guy looks better if he does something with his hair and/or shaves rather than just going out looking like he just got out of bed.

Guy look better with make-up on too. Smooths out the skin and highlights the right features. It's a huge new trend in South Korea--if I recall correctly.

I'm not sure American women are ready to accept men with makeup. They might look like Bollywood movie stars.

Male actors and male politicians ware make-up, does that count?



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