I heard from someone that the "originial" christians were gnostics, and that the Roman empire essentially slaughtered  them all to establish their own version of christianity, from which the orthodox faith arose.  So essentially if this is true, what is now considered Christianity is really the antithesis to what it originally was, and gnostics have a right to call modern Christians believers in the antichrist.  I do not know if this is actually true but it wouldn't surprise me.  What do you guys think/know? 

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As an atheist, this is hair-splitting, as far as I'm concerned. Interesting perhaps, but a bit irrelevant.

The only likely outcome is to create further divisions within a bunch of people who are supposed to worship the same invisible man in the sky, but who, in extreme cases, are prepared to kill each other over their differences.

It just raises the insanity level a notch (if it's true).

Im not actually saying the pope is the antichrist, that was just to attract attention. gnosticism is a completely different can of worms from orthodox chrisitianity...im just interested in the historical validity of the statement, I would like to examine whether or not gnostic christian thinking actually predated orthodox christianity. I guess thats what im getting at. The two are really different religions and can't be said to worship the "same invisible man in the sky".  The origins of the conceptual birth of the christ figure is interesting to me, although as an atheist, i like to meddle with christian beliefs regardless.

But I think its a legitimate scientific question, historically and in comparative religions...but I do agree that it could raise the insanity levels of christians. but that is always happening on its own accord

Well, for what it's worth, I think all mono-god religions ARE worshipping the same invisible man in the sky. If they all claim that there is just one god, and they are all right, it stands to reason that it is the same one, but they just call him by different names, and attribute different qualities (and I use the term loosely) to it.


It's just that the silly sausages can't agree on it. And that is a huge part of the problem with religion per se. They're all so right about everything.

Okay, but gnosticism is as much of a monotheistic religion as hinduism is, but I guess you can classify hinduism as monotheistic depending on how you look at it...needless to say I agree with your silly sausages point
Original Christianity was different than what you have today in that it was far more similar to Judaism--- the original Christians were like "Jews for Jesus". But I don't know about all that.

Take this with a grain of salt because I haven't confirmd this in my own reading yet, but  I've actually heard that early christianity may have actually been run as a "Love Cult" by Paul to attract that pagans.  Read into that as far as you want, it'd probably be accurate to my meaning. 


If true, this would make all the talk Christians make about idealized early christians being thrown to the lions being kind of funny.


Not at all. Perhaps you should read Paul's words sex.


There was no 'love cult' in Jewish Christianity...

I just asked the buddy of mine who had been telling me this where he heard it/ for sources/ more info.  He couldn't really remember much more about it but said he'd look into it again.  Just the same, forget I said anything XD.



Well according to the gnostic theory (i think), gnostic christians were the only christians being thrown to the lions, ie the roman empire killing off the originators and molding the religion to fit their own purpose, something romans had always done. But i dont know.

Love cult by paul... im sure that has some validity to it, ill look it up, thanks.  come to think of it, christianity is a giant love cult.  Love jesus and get eternal life. woo!

It would be sweet irony if this was true. It would also be a knock down response to any theist.
yea thats why i like it but who knows


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