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The Vatican is planning a new initiative to reach out to atheists and
agnostics in an attempt to improve the church's relationship with
non-believers. Pope Benedict XVI has ordered officials to create a new
foundation where atheists will be encouraged to meet and debate with
some of the Catholic Church's top theologians.

You guys, the pope is reaching out to us! He wants to be friends. But...

But in an interview with the National Catholic Register, Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi, the president of the Pontifical Council for Culture,
made it clear he would not be willing to give a platform to certain
prominent atheists.

Uh oh...

The foundation, he said, would only be interested in "noble atheism or agnosticism, not the polemical kind – so not those atheists such as
[Piergiorgio] Odifreddi in Italy, [Michel] Onfray in France,
[Christopher] Hitchens and [Richard] Dawkins".

Now isn't that strange?! Why wouldn't the pope want to have a public chat with Dawkins?

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Don't they have more important issues to worry about?
There is going to be a debate with some of the Catholic Church's top theologians but none of ours?That doesn't seem fair and the only way to be a true friend is to be fair.
Still leaves us Dennet and Harris, so all is not lost yet! rAmen!
He said "such as", so it's not an exaustive list.
I'm sure they're reserving the right of refusal and holding out for a stutterer.
Can you leave a link to this, please? Where did you get this information?
The link is at the bottom, I just placed it badly and it blends in visually with the tags. Here it is again - http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vatican-reaches-out-...

I'll fix the original post too.
Thank you!
I just wanted to repost it on my facebook.
Thanks for pointing it out.
I love the term "noble atheism". It's just so transparently obvious that they are looking for some accomodationists to help the churche's PR.
I have no idea what a 'noble atheist' is but I would guess that this 'noble atheist' isn't actually an atheist if accepted for this position by the church. In other words, they're looking for a non-controversial atheist? Good luck finding that....


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