Take a good hard look into the life of new pope. To give an overview he thinks that:

Homosexuality is still a sin. He tells people to respect homosexuals, but whent the Argintinian government is going to make sam-sex marriage legal he says, "Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

During his early life he gave up all his fancy posetions (personal cook, facy place to live, chauffeured limo) and made a pledge of poverty. This sounds awefully noble right? Wrong, look at why he had those things to start out with (because he was a cardinal). Think about what the Bible verson of Jesus would have done. He probably wouldn't have even considered giving those things out to preachers of his word anyway. So denying riches should be something that cardinals and popes HAVE to do an shouldn't be praised for. By the way, the pledge of poverty meant that he just had to live like everyone else in the community (what a saint -- sarcasm)

Lastly, there was a criminal complaint filed against him by a human rights lawyer for the abduction of two Jesuit priests. However, there was no evidence to prove that he had anything to do with it. :)

Please leave your thoughts and comments on the new pope

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Blessed are the dying, for they have NOT worn condoms...what kind of science is that?

Yeah, some of the stuff is hateful - but that's what happens when an institution that claims public authority on moral grounds uses that authority to aid and abet child molesters.

It's not just kids. This human piece of crap grew up in the house next door. When he became a priest I remember thinking, now that makes perfect sense. The biggest asshole in the hood. He admitted the wrong-doing in a half-assed confession and resigned.


Ah, I see.  Institutions are people, too.  Just like corporations.

It couldn't possibly be that individual people were corrupt and disgusting.  It has to be that the whole institution with all 1.2 billion people aided and abetted child molesters. 

That's rational.

1.2 billion people aren't in management - so shut the fuck up about 'rational'.

The management has consistently resisted cooperation with local investigations by law enforcement, has repeatedly put the offenders back in contact with children, and has paid for the silence of both victims and perpetrators to protect it's image.

Another labeled group, then.  "Management".  The "management" did it.

The thing about blaming Institutions and labeled groups is that it generally leads to discrimination and pogroms.  The Jews did it.  The Catholics did it.  Really?  Is that where you want to go intellectually?

I'll stick with not particularly rational.

Now, if you name names, that's reasonable.  Bernard Cardinal Law, former Archbishop of Boston should be in jail.  I will agree.  Alas, the Attorney General of Massachusetts didn't have enough evidence to bring him to trial.  I wish he had.

I can assure you, I'm not blaming this on the Jews.  The organization has a hierarchical structure and has instructed from higher positions to lower positions that local authorities should not be dealt with candidly.

Since 1947, pedophile priests have been sent to the "Congregation of the Servants of the Paraclete" for 'rehabilitation' rather than letting judicial authorities decide how such priests should be handled.

You can deny these things all you like - but the lawsuits are piling up and the evidence is exposing a conspiracy that shows the highest levels of the organization have been complicit.

What's the point though?  You believe an invisible man is going to give you lollypops when you die - so how could I possibly expect you to deal with facts?

I actually had to look up the Congregation you mention.  A group formed to care for alcoholic priests, whose mission did get expanded into caring for priests who broke their vows with women, or men, or children.

I think it's important to remember that up until the late 1980s or thereabouts the American Psychological Association also thought that pedophilia was a treatable psychological disorder (along with homosexuality).  So it is perhaps understandable that a Catholic social service agency followed the best scientific practice of the day in attempting to treat and "cure" such men.  U.S. courts were sentencing such men to treatment as well.

The science improved, and it was discovered that those methods don't work.  I'm not sure the Church can be blamed for that.

As for your claim about invisible men and lollipops, that is apparently your version of god.  I would suggest that you not believe in that.  It seems pretty silly.

I'm not talking about what's in the DSM or what they thought was in the DSM - I'm talking about them circumventing criminal charges.  I give up - you are too thick, and have obviously enjoyed your ass raping too much to ever stay on topic.  The law was broken, the covered it up, systemically, that's all there is to it.

Oops! Doesn't that make him not guilty?


Actually, Professor Robert (are you a professor?), most of us believe that all religion is irrational, but being a Catholic, I doubt you'd agree. 

However, nobody is saying 1.2billion people aided and abetted child molesters - only that some of the Catholic church senior members have systematically moved molesting priests to other diocese where they repeated the offence.  Those trusted employees within the church covered up these offenses.

You've only been a member of TA for an hour or so.  It might be worth getting a feel for the place before you start defending the faith, so to speak.

Yes, indeed, I am a professor.

I think we can all agree that a few senior members of the Church were complicit in shuffling pedophiles around.  That is sadly enough a common occurrence in most youth work, as we saw to our shame in the actions of the senior leadership at Penn State.   However, we're not going on about how wicked the Institution of American higher education is, are we?

I am admittedly a fly by here; I actually blundered in while following the news threads on the papal election, so I can't stay for very long.  It just seemed appropriate to be a good professor and challenge a few assumptions and things which did not seem particularly well thought through.


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