Take a good hard look into the life of new pope. To give an overview he thinks that:

Homosexuality is still a sin. He tells people to respect homosexuals, but whent the Argintinian government is going to make sam-sex marriage legal he says, "Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

During his early life he gave up all his fancy posetions (personal cook, facy place to live, chauffeured limo) and made a pledge of poverty. This sounds awefully noble right? Wrong, look at why he had those things to start out with (because he was a cardinal). Think about what the Bible verson of Jesus would have done. He probably wouldn't have even considered giving those things out to preachers of his word anyway. So denying riches should be something that cardinals and popes HAVE to do an shouldn't be praised for. By the way, the pledge of poverty meant that he just had to live like everyone else in the community (what a saint -- sarcasm)

Lastly, there was a criminal complaint filed against him by a human rights lawyer for the abduction of two Jesuit priests. However, there was no evidence to prove that he had anything to do with it. :)

Please leave your thoughts and comments on the new pope

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Hi Heather

Thats true but perception is reality ... the people really and truly believe that Gaawd speaks through the chosen ones ...*shakes head*


So as I said - People do what they are told by cult leaders.

Well they arent chosen by God, they are chosen by other cardinals. He is the HUMAN candidate to be God's mouthpiece.

Chosen by God?  No.  You really should take the time to learn about people before making claims about them.  The man was chosen by the college of cardinals to do a job.  Not much different than the board of directors of a company choosing a CEO.  A CEO can choose to resign without dying, so can a pope.

All we Catholics believe is that God cares enough about us silly humans to actually help us, at least if we're willing to genuinely try.

Which god, Robert?

There can be only one.  -Highlander

First off, why is one invisible sky faery necessarily and more likely than many?

Secondly, assuming their is only one - which one is it?  The question I asked in the first place 'Professor'?

Ah, why do we have two electrical charges, three color charges, and six flavors of quarks?  Why are those invisible "faeries" necessary and more likely than many?

Because those scientific concepts have predictive utility - you do realize we are now building quantum computers, don't you?  Oh, I forgot, you worship a Bronze Age deity and think ass raping kids is normal.  WTF.

Oh, I forgot, you ... think ass raping kids is normal. 

This characterization is unfair. I'm sure he takes this issue quite seriously, just doesn't seem to agree with us that the Catholic Church is, institutionally, the problem many of us feel it to be.

I think you missed the comment he made where he stated, explicitly, that raping children happens in most instances of social care of youth.  As he provided no citation for that claim, I simply assumed it was his opinion.  Is that still unfair?

@Heather, so I did. I still don't agree with your characterization, but in light of his statement, I retract my objection to it. It's tenable.

Apologies. My oversight.


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