Take a good hard look into the life of new pope. To give an overview he thinks that:

Homosexuality is still a sin. He tells people to respect homosexuals, but whent the Argintinian government is going to make sam-sex marriage legal he says, "Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

During his early life he gave up all his fancy posetions (personal cook, facy place to live, chauffeured limo) and made a pledge of poverty. This sounds awefully noble right? Wrong, look at why he had those things to start out with (because he was a cardinal). Think about what the Bible verson of Jesus would have done. He probably wouldn't have even considered giving those things out to preachers of his word anyway. So denying riches should be something that cardinals and popes HAVE to do an shouldn't be praised for. By the way, the pledge of poverty meant that he just had to live like everyone else in the community (what a saint -- sarcasm)

Lastly, there was a criminal complaint filed against him by a human rights lawyer for the abduction of two Jesuit priests. However, there was no evidence to prove that he had anything to do with it. :)

Please leave your thoughts and comments on the new pope

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RE: "When he refused to pay the fine, he was sentenced to death" - now THAT is really strict! I'm gonna have to look into sending in a little bit toward those overdue student loans --

Your factual points are well taken.  (The claim that there must be something to the allegation simply because it was made is bullshit, as you point out.)

A lot of the hatred you sense towards the Catholic Church stems from the pedophilia scandal.  Well of course any organization as large as the Catholic Church will have its bad apples; the mark of an organization is what it does about the bad apples.  And the Catholic Church simply covers for the pedophiles.  Another large part is from them telling people in Africa to not use condoms, which has contributed to the AIDS epidemic and overpopulation.

"And the Catholic Church simply covers for the pedophiles."   Another person who believes that corporations are people too!   It couldn't be that some genuinely corrupt and disgusting prelates covered up for pedophiles.  It has to be the whole church.  

That's about as rational as saying U.S. Universities and everyone in them covered up for pedophiles because of Jerry Sandusky. 

Believe me when I tell you the fury within Catholicism over our pedophile supporters burns 100 times hotter than it does for outsiders, we just know the names of perpetrators.

As for Africa, I think you probably need to do a bit more research there as well.  The problems of AIDS and overpopulation are far more complex than what you suggest.  The Catholic Church at least has boots on the ground caring for those people; it's lost men and women to the Rwandan genocide just for trying to shelter the innocent.   What have we fat Americans done?

we just know the names of perpetrators.

Yeah...Sandusky is in Jail you know...

AIDS and overpopulation are far more complex than what you suggest

You do understand how babies are made? You do understand how a condom works? Your sacrificial church thrives on suffering.

Since it's Pope Time again...Here is an example of the true nature of the catho-Lick church

Stephen (VI) VII ordered that the corpse of his predecessor Formosus be removed from its tomb and brought to the papal court for judgement. With the corpse propped up on a throne, a deacon was appointed to answer for the deceased pontiff.


AIDS and overpopulation are complex, but that doesn't excuse the Catholic Church's position on the issue, which is incorrect, immoral, and manifestly NOT helping the problem.

What have we done? Massive foreign aid to Africa, not to mention the thousands of Americans with boots on the ground in Africa at any given time, of all religious and secular backgrounds.

As for Africa, I think you probably need to do a bit more research there as well.  The problems of AIDS and overpopulation are far more complex than what you suggest. 

Without condoms = higher chance of getting diseases and pregnant.

With condoms = much lower chance of getting diseases and pregnant.

Yeah holy shit, that was mind bogglingly complex.

The Catholic Church at least has boots on the ground caring for those people

They do it for the reward, and to further propagate their dogma. Of course they'll choose starving people riddled with diseases. They prey on the weak, who are more likely to fall for this cult shit.

Believe me when I tell you the fury within Catholicism over our pedophile supporters burns 100 times hotter than it does for outsiders, we just know the names of perpetrators.

Yeah we clearly hear so much outcry from your camp in the media. Wait sorry... actually we just hear about more crimes coming to the surface. I always confuse the two.

I disagree with you Robert, although the church has "boots on the ground" what are they doing with those boots? To answer that I want to talk about Mother Theresa. In her travels she would collect (by some estimation) over 50 million dollars which went into the Vatican's bank. What happened with that money after? She claimed it was used to help the poor, however if you google pictures of her homes for dying, which she is so well known for, you will not see doctors, nurses, nice beds, or toilets. The people on the homes for the dying we're not allowed visits from friends or family, had to sleep in dinky cots, and had to share a trough to defecate and unrinate in (and it was not clean). So clearly all the money she got was not helping them, it was going to religious activities. Specifically setting up hundreds of nunneries all over the world to "pump out obedient nuns" ~ Christopher Hitchens. These nuns would then spread what the Vatican wanted to teach which is that contraceptives (such as condoms) are not to be used because it will prevent the transmission of life, however the Vatican doesn't understand it is to prevent to transmission of death. The reason the Vatican is messing up so badly over there is because the people calling the shots don't have their own two boots on the ground and fail to grasp the situation.

@SamRedmond, I'm a bit confused because Theresa was in India, not in Africa, and the Vatican bank is in Italy.

Yes, I think we would all agree that the conditions for all human beings in the Calcutta slums is wretched.   I'm not sure where you got the $50M figure, but do you think 50 million dollars was going to end abject poverty on the Indian subcontinent?

Most business cost is human labor.  Those "obedient nuns" Mr. Hitchens speaks of are women who choose to work for free in some of the worst, most impoverished places on the planet.  All they ask for is basic food, clothing, and shelter.  Nothing more.  Those "nunneries" are training centers, and a remarkably effective investment.

You may choose to disagree with their theological viewpoint, but they are there, on the ground, working daily with the poorest of the poor.

The point of that was to show she had the coin to flip for even the worst doctors in India for these people and she put it to creating religious institution that would go around telling people (in Africa also this is where Africa ties in)that God would send them to hell for using condoms even if it would save their life.
Here is where I got the figure from

A Penn & Teller video is your source?

So let's say she flipped that coin, spent the $50 million, and got the people you saw in that set of photographs you found on Google into some nice, western-style palliative care.

Now what?  What to do with the next group of poor, the next group of those needing medical attention?  The people living in the same conditions in places farther from the cameras of western photojournalists?

I'm not sure that a prerequisite for being a good Christian is being an idiot when it comes to business decisions and capital budgeting.  If you only have $50 million dollars to address a problem that $50 billion dollars couldn't fix, you don't spend it on nurses for a few.  You invest it in nursing schools so that you can get more nurses.

I know the two personally, they do their research well. So they are a credible source. She got that money from people who thought they were giving to the poor. She wouldn't have gotten a lot of money if she said she was going to use it to set up nunneries. Where did she invest in nursing schools? Which school? How much? Why weren't those nurses helping the people in Calcutta, Africa, or Haiti?

I'm sorry, two stage magicians who dabble in social commentary are a credible source on Indian poverty, Catholic religious orders, and international banking?  Because you know them personally?

Is that really your claim?


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