Take a good hard look into the life of new pope. To give an overview he thinks that:

Homosexuality is still a sin. He tells people to respect homosexuals, but whent the Argintinian government is going to make sam-sex marriage legal he says, "Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God."

During his early life he gave up all his fancy posetions (personal cook, facy place to live, chauffeured limo) and made a pledge of poverty. This sounds awefully noble right? Wrong, look at why he had those things to start out with (because he was a cardinal). Think about what the Bible verson of Jesus would have done. He probably wouldn't have even considered giving those things out to preachers of his word anyway. So denying riches should be something that cardinals and popes HAVE to do an shouldn't be praised for. By the way, the pledge of poverty meant that he just had to live like everyone else in the community (what a saint -- sarcasm)

Lastly, there was a criminal complaint filed against him by a human rights lawyer for the abduction of two Jesuit priests. However, there was no evidence to prove that he had anything to do with it. :)

Please leave your thoughts and comments on the new pope

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From a little research, he's anti-contraception and anti-gay so yes he is an irrational zealot. It's garbage in and garbage out as usual with the Raping Catholic Church. 


As with homosexuality I dont think they have a choice with contraception either because if they allow it, it would be an admittance that God has made a mistake by causing that conception in the first place ....

Gods Plan remember ....

Insane Isnt it ....

The verses used to justify prohibition of contraception are old testament and were never interpreted that way by the Jews themselves.  The Catholic church made it up purely to fill more pews and they should admit to that just like they admitted to fabricating limbo.

Oh no doubt about that Heather. The Catholics hijacked the whole thing and then invented Jesus.

You have to admit though, Jesus was a huge improvement.

Not in the least. Jews can at least die - they don't have to fear being tortured for eternity.  Jews are much more freelance, like Muslims - and not subject to such an enormous, dusty, crusty institution as the Vatican or CoE.  In point of fact, when is the last time a Jew did anything to offend you?

lol ... funny you ask that

Have you ever worked for jews?

Do you know what they call us non Jews behind our backs?

Schnorrer - see Wiki




I've been offended by a lot of people for whom I've worked; including but not limited to Greeks, Italians, South Africans, Australians, Americans, Québecois, and a Dominican.  None of that offense ever had anything to do with religion, however.  Christians however, in general, offend my sense of intellectual integrity almost every day.

 I hear ya there ...

But the Jewish people do believe everything in the OT

Abraham is the one they model ...


Are you kidding me? There are liberal reform Jews who believe more in new age spiritual kum-by-yah garbage than most of the OT. Jews are not a monolithic front.

He is more of the same

Perhaps he's actually a royal Inca king incognito; ready to exact revenge upon the catholic empire. Is the Vatican isn't big enough for two living Popes? The Nazi best skedaddle ASAP.

Fascinating the hateful stuff here.  My experience with most atheists is that they are far more rational and objective.  I'm not sure how anyone rational or objective could expect the Catholic church is going to change its position on issues like abortion or marriage.

Let's see if we can correct some of the facts in the original blog post.  Long before he became a cardinal in 2001, the man gave up all personal possessions to become a Jesuit priest.  That's right, he gave up every dollar and possession he had, so that he could wear ugly black robes and work with poor people in one of the worlds poorest countries at the time.  It was something he HAD to do in order to become a Jesuit priest.  Only after he became bishop was he allowed personal property again, because it becomes legally and administratively necessary.  

Here in America we believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt.  We are now considered rational to condemn a man because someone filed a complaint?  No evidence, no trial, just a complaint?  When there's not enough evidence to sustain a complaint here in the U.S., we usually assume the police trumped up the complaint, not that the man is guilty.

The Jesuits are the Catholic Church's progressives.  They were on the forefront of the liberation theology movement in Latin America, and a significant number of their order are scientists.  Real-doctorate-holding, published-in-peer-reviewed-major-journals scientists.  The new pope actually has a Master's degree in Chemistry.  http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/the-curious-wavefunction/2013/0...


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