Most of us know of Pontiac’s rebellion but some don’t so I will try my best with the knowledge I have to try to educate yinz about it. So here I go:  In 1763 the Proclamation of 1763 was made by King  George the III reaffirming the promises that had been made at the Treaty of Easton by formally prohibiting white settlement beyond the crest of the Appalachian Mountains. Those who still lived there were instructed to remove themselves from the area. But the colonists didn’t like the idea of not being able to go beyond the crest of the Appalachian Mountains so they disobeyed and went forth west and the Natives rebelled.  Pontiac was the one who had convinced a good amount of tribes to join him in an attack against the English invaders who were trying to take the land from the Natives and call it their own.

General Amherst (or as I like to call him General Asshole) was one who hated the Natives to the point of suspending the practice of distributing gifts to Native allies, including the customary provision of ammunition, which to me seemed to be one of the many reasons for the Natives to rebel. He thought if the Natives were not continually “bribed” (as he would put it) with handouts then they could not indulge their proclivity for idleness. He thought it wise to keep them scarce of ammunition. Finally , having observed the vastly destructive influence of alcohol on Native communities he also forbade all further trade in rum and other liquors. He believed it would increase the Natives hunting abilities and also reduce the violence that plagued their villages and improve their character in general. He also approved a measure that Fort Pitt’s commandant, captain Simeon Ecuyer had done given the local chiefs a diplomatic present that included blankets and handkerchiefs that had recently been used by smallpox patients in the fort’s hospital. There is no evidence that Amherst’s genocidal intentions and Ecuyers abominable act actually worked among the Shawnee and Delawares who besieged fort Pit for smallpox was already endemic in both groups at the time. The intent however is more important than the result. What made matters even worse in the view of the western Natives was that the British had failed to establish trading posts in the interior and then withdraw their troops from the region, as they had promised.  Rather the British continued to maintain garrisons there. To the Natives these policies and the broken promises they bespoke were nothing short of betrayals, and a fundamental threat to their ability to carry on with the way of life they knew. The rebelling, successful attacks the Native had done surprised the British commanders. The British commanders could only conclude that renegade French officers and missionaries were behind the rebellion. Nothing of that sort was true. It was a true pan-Native movement, the first successful one in North American history. Sir William Johnson and his representatives built on the Proclamation of 1763 by offering to reinstitute the giving of gifts and trade of rum and ammunition which had settled the conflict.


My rant: Throughout history there is a pattern of the British or rather the (no offense) English of trying to dominate lands and a people. (Pontiac’s rebellion being an example) But they did the same thing to the Scottish trying to take their land and rule their people. Practically destroying these beautiful cultures for selfish reasons and that is want pisses me off. Even today in America people are still rude and ignorant towards the Natives trying to take away their children to raise them in a white Christian home. These peoples (Natives and the Scottish) have a very beautiful culture! why try to destroy something so beautiful?  It brings tears to my eyes to know what has happened to these people over history. Don’t be afraid to let me know what you think and share your knowledge and thoughts about it if you’d like:)

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Right, so you aren't nearly so interested in change as you are in exploring certain feelings of nostalgia for a time that you imagine you might have handled better than most.  Ok, I'm unfollowing now.

Hey, I contributed! Sorry you were attacked, but you have to learn to either fight back or ignore such rudeness.

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