24 wives in 25 years: B.C. polygamy trial begins

Canada’s polygamy laws are on trial for the first time since 1892, as polygamist Winston Blackmore is one of two men on trial for having multiple wives. As Reid Fiest reports, the judge will have to determine if the defence of religious freedom holds up in court. Watch video 

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on trial for having multiple wives

That doesn't sound ridiculous to anyone else?

If found guilty, the punishment is having to have more wives?


If you can use a religious freedom defence for civil matters then it can be used for criminal matters.

To allow free reign to these defences is to allow anyone to pretty much do anything in the name of religion: rape, assault and slavery for starters.

And lets not forget that terrorists can use a religious freedom defence as well.

Are these guys just sexual predators / megalomaniacs using the absurdity of religion I wonder ?

Polygamy is only illegal because of social engineering.

Adults are allowed to make contracts. Adults are allowed to have sex.

Why is it illegal for multiple adults to make contracts and have sex???

The polygamy shouldn't come into it. Child sex is not ok. Take him out of society.

Sex with the young is not legal and I agree to protecting children from us lecherous old men. 16-, too young to agree to contracts and many other things. 16+, adult enough to decide for themselves. Of course, IMHO.


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