Should abstinence-only, or a comprehensive sexual education be tought to our children in public schools?

1. Abstinence only
2. Comprehensive Sexual Education
3. Nothing at all.

Hmm...just another thing religion effects in our daily lives, even though we are non believers.

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Reproduction should be part of a human biology class, as far as I'm concerned, and all kids should have to take it. Added to that, I agree with Kris F: facts concerning safe sex practices, STDs, and resources available should be taught. Some people get very upset that schools are doing what parents should. To me, giving a child facts to supplement their knowledge base is what teachers should do. Teachers should not make the decision for them, such as telling them, "You should be having sex and using condoms," or conversely, "Abstinence is the only choice for you." That, to me, is taking a parent's stance and is inappropriate. It would be the same as teaching history. If the teacher decided to toss in his prejudices about how the Confederacy was gypped and slavery should still be truckin' on to this day rather than just teach what actually happened and provoke thought that way, I would say he is overstepping his boundaries.

We all hope our kids will do what we tell them to do and not do what we tell them not to, but when the teens hit (and hormones), they are at a developmental age that their "work" is to become independent from us, their parents. That is a natural biological progression and it is what they should be doing. They will want to do what they want to do and they need the facts to make intelligent decisions for themselves.
Definitely #2! I can't really speak for anyone else, because I had an inattentive mother that let me voraciously read romance novels at the age of 10, but my own knowledge of what went on in the bedroom made me more willing to wait for a "special", memorable moment... Curiosity is probably what drives most kids... Rumors of such mind blowing pleasure would make anyone want to rush things.


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