Should abstinence-only, or a comprehensive sexual education be tought to our children in public schools?

1. Abstinence only
2. Comprehensive Sexual Education
3. Nothing at all.

Hmm...just another thing religion effects in our daily lives, even though we are non believers.

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I feel that most parents might not even take the time to teach their kids about sex. Mine only told me about abstinence. haha Hell, I'm 22 and they still didn't tell me anything about sex.
Preferably 2 but I'd take 3 over 1 anyday. Never 1. 1 is the special interest of a very special group, even a lot of Christians don't think premarital or teenage sex is bad.

I never understood 1 anyway. Its not like parents couldn't disapprovingly talk about sex to their children in their own homes anyway, if that's their concern (although obviously totally misguided).
my only disagreement here is, what if parents just didn't care? it happens.
Abstinence is effective, and the only sure fire way to prevent pregnancy and STIs, it's just that all creatures have an overwhelming urge to have sex. However, I agree that 2 is the best way, because abstinence is a conclusion you may reach by considering how sex can affect someone, and you can teach it alone because it builds off of a comprehensive knowledge of sex. Furthermore, it is a choice, and those who don't choose to be abstinent need to know how to protect themselves from STIs and such.
Hey abstinence is only 99.99% effective, I mean Mary got pregnant didn't she?
Nearly fell off my seat laughing! Thanks
option 2.
Abstinence only is just lunacy
so god never told you about sex before he cast you out of heaven? hmm...bastard.

lol but no really, I never had a talk with my parents either.
Good parenting! I got the sex talk when my mom was pregnant with my little sister (I was three), and she was anatomically correct and factual. I think that was a great way to do it. I didn't feel weirded out and my three-year-old curiosity about where babies came from was satisfied. I've been the same way with my kids. I think if you are secretive and misleading and uncomfortable, that transfers to your children's current and future beliefs (and emotions) regarding sex.
Thank you! Sex isn't shameful or wrong. It's part of life. People should be comfortable and educated about it.
2. For sure

One thing I don't like about sex ed is that they're started to teach it to really young children. Like 8 year olds.
I don't mean teaching them what sex is but actually teaching them about what safe sex is.
yes well, maybe that is a good thing. I went to middle school with a twelve year old who just went through puberty and was expecting.


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