An unfortunate claim by a Christian apologist and theologian John Lennox is that "atheism and communism is inseparable" 

Let me be very clear here, I do not share his views on this matter. Personally I find this to be an argument based on sheer ignorance. However I would like to get an honest consensus on this issue, I've posted a similar poll over on Yahoo Answers some time ago. 

Please tell me if you support communism or not and what your views on this political movement are. I suspect most of you will probably consider yourselves as secular and not communist (as most atheists in the Westernised world tend to be)

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You can say that capitalism is the system that doesn't fool itself about human nature.

Communism is merely a secular religion, much like all dogmatic ideologies. 

A religion cannot really be secular. But it is a state religion.

Secular religion is a term which is used to describe belief systems that have the trappings of religion without necessarily taking a position on a higher power. Football is usually claimed as another example, and even atheism can be made into a secular religion.

communism: root word commune.

  1. 1.
    a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities.
    synonyms: collectivecooperative, communal settlement, kibbutz
    "she lives in a commune"

    Unfortunately, as others have noted, human nature (including laziness, sloth, greed) makes implementation of such a state/condition hardly possible outside of small groups. 

I support the idea of one world and one species having stewardship and doing a great job making it a perfect place for all the species that exist on it.  But the beavers didn't want the job, so we're left with humans a really bad choice.

WHOOOOOH!  Guys, let's check out the founding docs of communism - the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  Here tiz:

Anything else is just a spin.  The two critical rules of critical thinking are 1. Define your terms  2. Reveal your sources.  That way you don't look arrogant because you're not puking out, and subsequently having to defend, your opinion and you'll become well respected by your peers - and perhaps even, heaven forbid, by a few Christians.

The tenth plank is hard to find fault with.

Do you support claw hammers? Communism, Socialism, Capitalism, these socioeconomic methods are nothing but tools, but so many people see them as one size fits all problem solvers. Every tool has a job that it's well suited to, and several jobs that you'd have to be crazy to use them in. You pick the right tool for the right job.

Lets say that Socialism is a scalpel, and Capitalism is a claw hammer. Capitalism has proven it's ability to build things and to progress, but has shown a tendency to fail when matters of human life are at hand. So you use a claw hammer to build a house, but you keep it out of the operating room.

Likewise, Socialism has proven to be invaluable in maintaining a good standard of human health, but very bad at running a countries'  commerce. So you use a scalpel in the operating room, but you don't try to build a house with it.

Communism is great for building a military mindset, especially with it's tendency towards using propaganda to rally support, and ensure the loyalty of the troops, but when it comes to building things, and keeping people healthy, it's lackluster at best.

Atheism is a refusal to use only one tool for living one's life, but instead, a willingness to pick the right tool for the job. Atheists go to a doctor for healing, not a preacher. They go to a business to make a living, not to a church. Atheists are willing to defend themselves when it logically makes sense too, not because another people have a militant faith.

The only time Atheists kneel down, is to pick up their tool belt. Let's go build a better future.

I would support a communist regime, if it were truly communistic.

Capitalism brings a variety into our world that would be gone in a truly communistic state. For example, walk into a music store and look at the racks of guitars to choose from. I can't foresee anything like the same sort of variety in a marxian world.

From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs. Well, even lazy people have needs, so those with the abilities become the employees of those with needs.

What do you think a communist world would be like?

No. Mixed systems work very well where they are managed carefully, thoughtfully and willingly by the people. Mixed systems have produced the healthiest democracies the world have ever seen and a kind and compassionate society most of the world could only pray for.


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