An unfortunate claim by a Christian apologist and theologian John Lennox is that "atheism and communism is inseparable" 

Let me be very clear here, I do not share his views on this matter. Personally I find this to be an argument based on sheer ignorance. However I would like to get an honest consensus on this issue, I've posted a similar poll over on Yahoo Answers some time ago. 

Please tell me if you support communism or not and what your views on this political movement are. I suspect most of you will probably consider yourselves as secular and not communist (as most atheists in the Westernised world tend to be)

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Not an atheist, so don't add me to the poll, but WTF? I confess I don't understand Lennox's argument. The early Christian community (and some Christian communities to this day) were communist to a large degree. Atheism and economic systems seem to me to be largely orthogonal.

Is he just relying on the fact that 20th century political communism was atheistic? In Russia that just seems a natural response to the Tsar being tight with the Patriarch, and the Orthodox Church having a lot money to seize.
I think when most talk about communism they don't actually mean communism.

If only we could implement Star Trek economics...
Fo sho

Star Trek conventions would be a different experience.


I grew up when the Cold War was still going on, so I have a knee-jerk reaction to the word communism. But the IDEA of communism is not that bad: everybody contributes what they can, everybody gets what they need. It's a little pie-in-the-sky; a utopian dream. The problems come in when you try to apply it to actual human beings. It is an easily corruptible system which means it requires oversight. Historically that seems to develop into totalitarian control by a small select group. So, no, I do not support communism.

The more I think about it, the pure idea of communism is not that far removed from some of the teachings of jesus; everyone helps everyone.  Maybe jesus was the first commie.  I wonder why modern day xians hate communism so much.

And why Communists hate Christianity.

I've encountered lots of Christians who use Acts 2 to say we should be communists.

It's probably reification. (probably a better term to use I'm largely autodidactic so I error often )

"What one generation tolerates the next generation accepts"

This works with ideas. When most westerners talk about communism it's probably more influenced by McCarthy than Marx.

Personally I don't see it working. People corrupt power absolutely.
For sure. I've done sales long enough to realize that we are in no place as a society for ambition not to result in exploitation.

I'm not smart enough to understand a secular method to prevent ambition from resulting in exploitation.

Maybe something like a Borg collective ( BOOM 2 Star Trek referencs!) to bring us out of our minds and end the cult of the individual.

"Pure ideas" is an idiotic concept outside of mathematics, and especially within the realm of how to govern society. There is communism as practiced by humans, and of that we have many examples, and that's the only one that actually exists.

Communism hating christians is much more of an American thing than a thing overall. It's quite common around these parts of severely left leaning priests and bishops.  

It's a little pie-in-the-sky; a utopian dream.

Communism is dysfunctional on several levels, as you indicated. People, by their nature, will try to do as little and get as much as they can. The proof has been, in terms of where it's been tried—in Russia and China and elsewhere—that once people get into positions of power in these countries, they have cynically tended to work the system on their behalf to gain power and wealth.

The starry-eyed believers will tend to say, "Yeah, but those aren't true Communism." My reply is that they started out trying to be, but then reality set in.

Capitalists have done the same thing here, but nobody can say they aren't REAL capitalists.


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