This student gets arrested for opposing a campus preacher who is practically yelling. He gets ready to say something and the campus security gets on his ass for simply wanting to say something to the campus preacher. Can you say ridiculous?

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I would so love those pigs to arrest me. Bring it on!!

I'd gladly be arrested by them... and then I'd sue the university...

Honey is a little more appetizing to the passerby than the threat of fire and brimstone. It baffles me that religious fundamentalists continue to believe that striking fear and intimidation into the minds of potential converts is somehow an effective policy of recruitment. 

Jed Smock (a/k/a the Grateful Jed) was an annual event at the University of Colorado when I was there; he was regarded as entertaining.  I don't think anyone really took him seriously or thought he was really serious--too much trouble understanding that some people really believe this shit.  He certainly didn't get a reaction like this.  Unfortunately.

A couple years ago, when I lived in Portland, Oregon, which has a highly-functional public square (which has become very uncommon in American cities), there would be sidewalk preachers who'd "witness" at the top of their lungs. I always thought someone should start a business by standing nearby with a sign saying "I'll yell back at this guy for $1/minute."

That would be AWESOME!!!

There is an ad on TV over here for a chocolate bar called “Kit-Kat” whose catchphrase is “Have a break, have a Kit-Kat” and someone in the back ground taking time out.  I have on a few occasions handed them out to them when their preaching got too loud. This annoys them because it usually gets a good laugh from the crowd. You could also demand to see their pancake mix!!

There's this campus preacher who wears a white shirt, suspenders, and a cap, I forget his name... Brother... Sam???. Sometimes he's preach with his wife.

The preacher was disturbing the peace; those pigs must go to her church.  Xian morality...


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