So I am a poet and a songwriter, and just wanted to let you guys in on one of my recent pieces. Its basically a response piece to a woman who told me that I was cursed to hell for not believing in God. 

This is my first post, and If it is in the wrong section, I do apologize. 

Curse Me

How many must die before we learn that god is a myth
How many kingdoms will fall
and how many will burn
just to prove he exists

How many lives have been ruined just to hunt down the witch
How many lies have been told
how many souls have been sold
to force the kids to submit

Lock step and bible verse
Recite it word for word
The praise is well rehearsed
We're saved and you're all cursed

Well curse me 
Send me to the hell you know

Curse me 
The only place that we can go

Curse me
These fires keep the world a glow

You can't curse me
You can't curse me
When your god is just a myth

Lock step and bible verse
Recite it word for word
The kids grow up and grew up worse
From years and years of myths coerced

Curse me
You cant coerce me

Curse me
you cant reverse me

So just curse me!

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