hi just going to point out that the pledge of allegiance was added in the seventies and can be changed. and i want your views on that

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Personally, I don't and will not partake in the pledge, or the rituals of The Star Spangled Banner. The "under god" thing is only part of the reason.  Until everyone is actually treated equally with liberty and justice, it's my way of protesting.
well Eric, i think we should focus on the under god section for now, it is the most offensive verse.
So, you refuse to show loyalty to the concepts our country is based on and speak out for "liberty and justice for all", in protest that this isn't upheld?  Are you sure you've thought this through?
Perhaps he just refuses to partake in a farce.
I don't believe it is a "farce" to be patriotic.  I love my country (although I am fearful and quite often disgusted by my government).  Being patriotic is the only way that we can change this country back to its glory.  That is the whole point of xianity: it is decidedly NOT patriotic.  Everything that xianity stands for is anti-American.  I think it is much more appropriate to recite the pledge but insist on not saying the "under god" part.  It sends a much clearer message.

Patriot: One who loves, supports, and defends one's country. Patriotism: love of country and willingness to sacrifice for it.


Hmmm.  Don't think so.

Yep, I completely agree.

Admittedly, my point wasn't clearly expressed.  I am not saying that patriotism is a farce.  What I'm saying is that some may find pledging allegiance to the Republic inappropriate if they feel that the Republic no loger upholds its espoused ideals of liberty and justice.  That doesn't make them less patriotic.


I'm not trying to speak on Eric's behalf, but I think your question to him was off the mark.  You were begging the question.

I think the difference is pledging allegiance to the republic vs. pledging allegiance to the government of the republic.  I have pledged allegiance to the republic since I joined the Corp at 19.  I DO NOT pledge allegiance to the government that is steadily undermining this great country.

I often omit the part about god.  Sometimes I add "and liberty and justice for the priviledged and powerful."  Other times, I don't bother adding anything.

My brother's ring tone is "proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free" and I usually sing along with "Proud to be an American, where at least I can pretend I'm free!"  LOL


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