Please Judge My Outline For an Atheist Book I'm Planning

So I've decided recently to write a book about atheism. When approaching the subject, I considered the fact that I couldn't point to one book that I could use as a handy reference that included primers on science (evolution, the various Big Bang theories), debunking of various atheism myths, arguments for religion with counter-arguments therein, arguments against religion that atheists can use (along with explanations and needed information), etc.

Instead of seeking one out, I decided to write one myself. I wrote a first-draft outline of what the book will contain, and what the structure of the book will (most likely) be. Its tentative title is "The Atheist's Guidebook". I plan on compiling information from various sources, religious and non-religious alike.

I'd like you guys to take a look at the rough draft outline I have so far, and tell me what you think about the structure and organization of the book -- I know that it's largely incomplete in terms of individual sections, and chunks of listings are missing (I did the numbered listings rather quickly and rushed much of it), but I just want to know if the structure/organization I currently have is OK, what can be changed, moved around, etc.


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What strikes me the most is you look like you're trying to be exhaustive here, but you've narrowed your scope to Christianity in America. For people like me, who live in an European country where it's the Muslim minority who poisons social life while Christians tend to keep a very low profile, this is rather unappealing. Plus, this apparent dichotomy makes you look like you have an agenda - not necessarily what you want.

By the way, "The Hitchhiker's Guide to Atheism" might be a more appealing title ;-)
What I ultimately want is a guidebook for atheists. The only agenda I have is to help atheist readers get their facts straight, their arguments in line, and help them be prepared in any debate, discussion or confrontation they may find themselves.

I do get what you mean about narrowing my scope to Christianity. Thing is, I haven't been exposed to Islam nearly as much as I have to Christianity. I suppose more research would be called for, if I were to change Chapter 4 to "Holy Books" and also deal with the Quran, which I really should do.

I could also change "Arguments Against the Existence of God" to "...of a Higher Power" and be more general in my approach.

Also, keep in mind that the actual content (numbered parts) is mostly incomplete, and more will be added long before I begin writing this.
Try "the supernatural" instead of "god" or "higher power". The same thing applies across the board.

Of course, this implies that atheist = skeptic, which, unfortunately, isn't always the case.


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