PLEASE HELP US!!!!! This is a true emergency...

Hello TA...

My sister needs to get from NM to AZ far we have everything covered except for food money and motel expenses...The motel is $103.54. I have details of her reservation at Motel 6. I have asked and exhausted LITERALLY all other resources....I'm trying to even get a payday loan...but I NEED someone who is willing to help us out...

This is a court case that has been dragging on for the last year. It's regarding my niece in foster care. She may possibly come with me as long term placement, but my sister HAS to be there IN PERSON...and NO the state of AZ will NOT pay for her to get there...which is totally fucked up. The father is incarcerated and they'll pay for him!!!! And yet they won't pay for my sister.....

If ANYONE here can PLEASE help us!!!! This has to be paid by 3pm tomorrow.....Please please anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Shit!  I can't help!  Sorry!  Good luck. 

Drop the hotel cost and sleep in the car. Would that solve the problem?

Link a way to send money; Paypal, Venmo maybe.

How did it go?


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