I just finished watching a documentary on the Green Planet channel about a remote tribe of people living in the mountain forests of western Papua New Guinea. These are the ones who use penis gourds to hide their male genitalia.
To sum things up they use pigs as barter with neighbor tribes when trying to "buy" a potential wife for one of their men to wed. The tribes come together and have a civil sit down and hash out the details of the transaction. If they can agree on how much the bride is worth then an agreement of payment is made. Many of the men have two, three, or four wives.
Well guess who showed up and threw a monkey wrench into the lifestyle of these primitive but intelligent people? Missionaries for Jesus. After successfully indoctrinating one member of this tribe they 'anointed' him the new pastor/preacher/religious leader of the group. One of the first things the missionaries desired was a clearing in the jungle for a runway. That way they can get their bible supplies and other such teaching materials in more easily.
The newly anointed tribal pastor immediately starts to make attempts to oust the tribe's old customs. He tells them they are wasting time and not working hard enough on the runway.
I don't necessarily support poligamy but if that is what floats your boat then go for it. If you also want to wear a gourd on your penis I am OK with that as well. Why does people from the other side of the world feel compelled to grab these people by the hair and drag their butts to jesus? I know they believe they are bringing them into the modern world and giving them a 'proper' education and all but these people didn't have any problems before the missionaries showed up.
I am surprised the country's government didn't stop these do-gooders at the border and warn them to leave these simple people alone. Now they will be subjected to humiliation and servitude on a whole new level.
There seems to be something fundamentally wrong when a group of people who consider themselves morally superior make attempts to subjugate others who up until then had lived a remote but peaceful meaningful life.
Am I all wet on this one?

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Indeed it is very sad to hear about it.  It is also sad to know that there isn't much anyone can do about it.  I can't see how such a project could really work anyway.  The barriers between the cultures must be too high for complete understanding of the teachings.  Maybe it will all work out...... just maybe these tribes have some cannibalism tendencies :)


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