I want to talk about phobias. I suppose one could be afraid of just about anything.

According to the NIMH (source: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/statistics/1SPEC_ADULT.shtml) ....

Phobias are said to be marked and persistent fear and avoidance of a specific object or situation.

I found this list of phobias: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_phobias

Do you have any phobias?

Have you ever gotten treatment for a phobia?

How do you know the difference between a phobia and a rational fear of something?

I have an irrational fear of men and I'm trying to work through it....but I hope the discussion can help anyone with a phobia open up. I hope we can laugh a little too....I remember so many little things I've been "afraid" of only to laugh at myself later. That ever happen to you? Or is it just me? Lol.....

Oh yah, can phobias be HEALTHY? Why did phobias evolve?

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Yes my eyes are blue and eye contact anywhere i don't like even on tv i look at the direction that it isn't in but still at the things i need to or i quickly look and look away. 

Eye contact used to be uncomfortable for me. I made myself do it until it became something I don't even think about.

I definitely missed out on learning the proper timing of friendly/neutral eye contact because I avoided it for so long. It's funny, now that I've lost my fear of looking people in the eye, I over do it. I have to remind myself to break eye contact when I see people looking away. 

My nephew passes out if he sees his own blood.  Any other blood doesn't phase him.

Pretty much all non-whites have brown eyes, you racist!

@Unseen, are you non-black? why human with pale skins are not known as non-black? why the pale skin colour is a point of reference?

bongani, I can see your point, but not everyone who isn't white is black. 

It's racism. We whities like to keep track of those against whom we want to discriminate.

I appreciate the honesty. We Americans definitley measure the rest of the world against our norm: your average white (male) person is 'standard.'

I think that depends upon the language and the culture. When one culture is very powerful and/or ubiquitous, its standards become THE standard.

The real point is that they are arbitrary.

BTW, I don't mind being called non-black, non-Hispanic, non-Asian, non-female. Wouldn't bother me in the least.

@bongani It's arbitrary, like Unseen says. It just happens that cultures in the northern hemisphere above the tropics are white and have made most of the cultural rules, by default. It's been pretty insensitive to other cultures. I'll bet a hard-core Texan would be content not to have to know anything at all about other states, much less other countries and cultures. (Tongue-in-cheek, partly.)

Another arbitrary, nonsense, default rule is that Obama is called "black", even though he's half-white. These labels weren't planned with the rest of the world in mind. (And speaking of "Americans", it's usually used while completely ignoring South Americans.)

I have a fear of becoming phobic. Does that make me phobic?

Yep, you now can call yourself a phobophobic; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phobophobia  ^^


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