I just finished going through the details of the Pew Forum recent poll. I find it very enlightening. Here is the link: Oct 2012 Pew Forum Poll.

Basically the poll says that there has been a big rise in the people in the US that claim "no affiliation" with respect towards religion. This was good news for me, affirming that I am not alone in my views at all. There is much to discuss about the results, but I found a couple of things that interested me and supports my claims in another thread, that we as active secularist should approach religiously moderate people differently if we want to co-opt them into secular thinking.

The unaffiliated also are not uniformly hostile toward religious institutions. They are much more likely than the public overall to say that churches and other religious organizations are too concerned with money and power, too focused on rules, and too involved in politics. But at the same time, a majority of the religiously unaffiliated clearly think that religion can be a force for good in society, with three-quarters saying religious organizations bring people together and help strengthen community bonds (78%) and a similar number saying religious organizations play an important role in helping the poor and needy (77%).

So, I would ask the more radical atheist here to re-evaluate their approach and not estrange a moderate theist just because it feels good.

And as for the rest of the report, I urge people to read it in detail so that we base our views on facts. I would have just cut and pasted the entire report here, but am unsure as to the policies this website has towards this. If this is ok, then I urge someone to do just that. I have attached the entire report in PDF format.

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I agree with your request.  My wife and I get along great even though we differ on religious beliefs/disbeliefs.


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