I began wondering recently what the demographic of "personality types" exist within the Atheist community...again, I haven't been Atheist very long and I do not have any friends who are Atheist except on this forum. 

There was some discussion within the Female and Atheist discussion surrounding the "geeky type" and this got me to wondering...are we geeks? I wouldn't classify myself as that type. I'm a cross between a home girl and a hippie....I'm sure there are many other kinds of "personalities" represented here. So I am curious. What is your personality profile?

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I think I'd label myself as a "Logical-Hippie".


On one hand, I love science. I care about the truth about the world around me, whether it's nice and comforting or not so nice and comforting. I love being able to think for myself and come to rational conclusions on my own.


But on the other hand, I'm definitely all about "Love and Peace" "Make Love and Not War". I hate war and violence of any kind, and I hate it when people use their differences (cultural differences, physical features, ancestry, etc) to try to seperate themselves and each other. I believe in rights for women as well as for the LGBT community. I hate the smell of marijuana but I don't care if other people use it. . .as long as I don't have to smell it or use it  LOL


I think some atheists may be considered "geeky" by the fact that a lot of us seem eager to reach out and become englightened about the world around us, whether it be through reading books, looking up information, or talking to people with different ideas and opinons, etc. Not to mention, I think a lot of science-y people just happen to be atheists as well ^_^ I personally think that atheists do not run from things that we do not understand, and I think that's what makes us look "geeky or nerdy" and sets us apart from theists.

The theists and religious people I'm close to seem to be afraid of branching out of their "comfort zone" and drawing their own conclusions about the world around them. If their religion or beliefs don't condone it, they stay away from it, and it definitely holds them back. Like for example, I noticed that lots of atheists attempt to try and learn about different world religions where as religious people in general don't seem to have any interest in learning about any religion besides their own. It almost seems like they're afraid of knowledge, plain as that.

Since "geeks and nerds" are usually associated with intelligence, then I'd have to say that yes, to a degree, atheists are geeks ^_^


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