I began wondering recently what the demographic of "personality types" exist within the Atheist community...again, I haven't been Atheist very long and I do not have any friends who are Atheist except on this forum. 

There was some discussion within the Female and Atheist discussion surrounding the "geeky type" and this got me to wondering...are we geeks? I wouldn't classify myself as that type. I'm a cross between a home girl and a hippie....I'm sure there are many other kinds of "personalities" represented here. So I am curious. What is your personality profile?

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Where were YOU educated. Those are perfectly cromulate words.

Oops, that should have been cromulent. (There must be something wrong with my keyboard.)

@ RobertPiano I bet you like making love at midnight on the dunes of the cape.

But who doesnt?

I would say I am a scientific analytical thinker, risk taker, adventurous, quiet, kind and efficient leader. All this just made me feel like I just filled out one of those e-online dating service hahaha

I would say I'm geeky. Always have been. I'm into gaming and love to study (which is weird, I know). I would prefer to stay in and game instead of go out and party. I'm quite introverted. 

I've never taken a personality profiling test but I'd love to, just for interest sake. 

I live life intensely, think too much, and laugh often at the absurdity of it all.  My Meyers-Briggs scores indicate I am basically in the middle on all four continua, venturing in either direction according to my current level of energy, stress, health, etc.  

I wouldn't describe myself as geeky, but others would.  Then again, others often view me differently than I see myself.  Regardless, I love to learn.

Diane.  I think that's called "balanced". 

I'll take it!  I was going to try to convince you that I am not indeed balanced, but in the (slightly altered) words of Richard Bach, if I argue for my limitations they are mine.


I seem to have pretty middle of the road scores on all four of the axes, except the T-F one where I scored a hardcore T, and I am a medium strong I.

I netted out to being an NT but I could definitely see aspects of myself in the SP and SJ descriptions too.

I've seen a LOT of popular psychology articles that try to divide people into two classes and I almost never see myself fitting into either one of them; I've long harbored the suspicion that the article was talking about the SP-SJ split--which covers 3/4 of the population--and ignoring the 1/4 of the population that is neither because they are either NT or NF.

About 15 years ago there was some fad of an internet site that would test you to see if you were left or right brained... or front or back brained!  It got so that everyone at work had taken the thing.  I scored almost dead center, and so did one other guy.  It so happened the two of us were the ones considered "really smart" by everyone else at work.

We're all capable of branching out and trying new things. 

Based on the link - scientist/thinker

General profile:

science major, grad school

professional (laboratory) career

avoid eating meat

enjoy wine, nature, traveling, sports, guitar

live in the Bible belt- dislike the Bible and religiosity and politics but love the surroundings


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