I began wondering recently what the demographic of "personality types" exist within the Atheist community...again, I haven't been Atheist very long and I do not have any friends who are Atheist except on this forum. 

There was some discussion within the Female and Atheist discussion surrounding the "geeky type" and this got me to wondering...are we geeks? I wouldn't classify myself as that type. I'm a cross between a home girl and a hippie....I'm sure there are many other kinds of "personalities" represented here. So I am curious. What is your personality profile?

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What profile am I if I don't believe in profiles. I have a general dislike for binary thinking - left or right brain; front or back brain. etc. The Briggs-Meyer test reads, to me, JUST like an astrology chart - where almost every trait applies, to some extent, to anyone.

Humans are NOT binary. How we might react to any given stimulus might be found in a huge mass of intertwined continua (see a plate of spaghetti).

People seem to like to take these binary tests (normal human impulse to categorize everything we encounter), but, in my opinion, they are more likely to influence one's personality than to reflect it.

I agree, we're all a mixture of many things. 

I would tell you your profile type, MikeLong, but unfortunately at the moment, Mercury is in retrograde...

I'm an Aries, if that helps. :-)

(Of course you would already have guessed that.)

I don't believe in astrology because I'm a Scorpio , and we're quite skeptical.


I agree, no person fits completely into one type. But humans have a need to box things, and box themselves sometimes to be able to say "This is who I am" with confidence. Even for interest sake if you don't believe in it.

It helps with businesses that are looking for a specific type of person to fit into a position. It helps narrow down the field and classify people into something that can be analysed and worked with tangibly. It's like a general consensus, it's not 100% accurate but it's something that can be useful in certain situations. 

I would be considered a rather strong 'geek or 'nerd', but I also attempted, with some success, to maintain a 'worldly' connection. Sadly, as of late, it is very clear that my 'worldly-ness' needs a little work.

Many of us, IMHO, as atheists, would claim some allegence to the geek/nerd persona. As in all classifications, self serving or not, there are outlyers. We, as atheists, as in theism, can come from different origins, but arrive at similar destinations. I expect that some of path ways, need not pass through rationalism, the horror or civility, education and socialization, surely can inform the result.

As my personal path, I passed through both, by attempts at rationalism, and horrors of socialization. It is unclear how effective was the path through rationalism. I hope that it is the greater part, but cognition is affected by a great deal, including biochemistry. 

I suggest that we be open to all of life, but be careful of over-training. As experiments in AI have suggested to me, that over-training can generate very bad fits to 'reality'. With mental and behavioral effects. Assuming that the human mind is an analog to computers, but that we are much more than a 'machine', choose wisely what you 'learn'.   

You're an IMHO?


I hate to ambrovilate, tweet or provasticate about my personageility, and the decorum prevents regustitation about mindeolinstincts, however I do like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I'm kinda silly, my grandma said "that boy aint right", but at the same time she couldn't stop laughing.

Did spellchecker let you get away with all that?


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