Perhaps I'm missing something here, but something has been bugging me.

How do evangelicals account for Adam & Eve, and later Noah? I'm not talking about the snake or the Ark... but INCEST.

Any biologist knows that the loss biodiversity would make for the denigration of life.

I can't say for sure, but I think it's safe to say that Christianity looks down on incest?

How then do they (Christians and Jews) account, within the creation story that we all descended from the same family... then again from a descendant of that same family? It goes completely against biological principals.

If we are all descendants of Adam and Eve (didn't they only produce two offspring, with one killing the other?), than wouldn't that make for incestuous affair after incestuous affair... until Noah, where it all starts over again?

It seems to me that the only valid argument against it would be that biodiversity developed from generation to generation as the human gene pool strengthened itself. BUT that would lend credence to EVIL evolution!

How can Christians escape THIS one?

Am I missing some common argument? And if I'm not, why isn't this discussed more?

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There is no escape from the atheist argument. They simply dodge and point.

My Bible says Cain went to the the land of "Not" Nod and found a wife. It does not say God created this land. Cain went on to create a nation. That would take more people then Cain and his wife. Yes Seth was born but that's another male. No where in my Bible do they have a daughter. So that throws incest out. The really big riddle is if God has been around forever and will be around forever. What made him suddenly decide to make the whole universe. He must have been sitting in the dark for a very long time. Of course my Bible was originally written in 1611 then updated  in 1769. Of course I believe every book written during that time frame. What comes across is the land of Nod was a land or country not just the dwelling place of Cains future wife. My Bible is full of strange quandaries and the people who teach religion (any religion) seem to have unfathomable answers to all are questions. I really enjoy their responses. 


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