Perhaps I'm missing something here, but something has been bugging me.

How do evangelicals account for Adam & Eve, and later Noah? I'm not talking about the snake or the Ark... but INCEST.

Any biologist knows that the loss biodiversity would make for the denigration of life.

I can't say for sure, but I think it's safe to say that Christianity looks down on incest?

How then do they (Christians and Jews) account, within the creation story that we all descended from the same family... then again from a descendant of that same family? It goes completely against biological principals.

If we are all descendants of Adam and Eve (didn't they only produce two offspring, with one killing the other?), than wouldn't that make for incestuous affair after incestuous affair... until Noah, where it all starts over again?

It seems to me that the only valid argument against it would be that biodiversity developed from generation to generation as the human gene pool strengthened itself. BUT that would lend credence to EVIL evolution!

How can Christians escape THIS one?

Am I missing some common argument? And if I'm not, why isn't this discussed more?

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damn can you post those pics? in the pic section I cant zoom into them :(
Thanks! ok wow thanks for these!!! never seen the bible one b4. I need time to study it.
"brothers"sisters "and "cousins"etc...... were allowed to marry and procreate to populate the earth to "get it going" so to speak ,it wasnt wrong at" that "time because that was the only way God could populate the earth ,also the bible says "where there is no law there is no transgression" so back then "in the begining" there was no law against marrying your sister etc.... later on when the earth was populated enough God made a law against it,hope my free thinking blessed you! ill give ya refs. later i dont have alot of time right nowPEACE!!!!!!!!and respect to all my freethinking friends!!!
youre right if i dont have time to look up refs. maybe i shouldnt quote something if i dont have the ref. ref for the "no law notransgression" scripture i promised earlier is rom4:15, how was jesus ignorant of seed propagation?
because that was the only way God could populate the earth

Do you ever find it funny how at one moment, God is a bad ass power, creating worlds and all life in less than a week, and then at other moments he is so limited like with having only one way to populate the world or getting his ass handed to him because some folks had iron chariots? And then incest goes from a-okay to sin? Very inconsistent.
LMAO I was just about to point this out. If he could create day and night,beast and fowl,water and air then why not make more human beings?

As with all christians and their doctrines they only have to follow "their" rules when it's to their liking fucking hypochristians
Cain went t0 the land of Nod a took a wife! Where'd she come from? Do not expect irrational people to seek rational answers.
she was probably one of his relatives,at that time it was ok to marry a close relative because thats all there was,PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!
How the fuck did his relative get to Nod? When did that take place?
I mean, a huge chunk of Genesis is just a loooong list of who begot who. Why isn't this mentioned?
So, we'll just resort to assumptions from now on since "probably" is a sufficient answer.
The Ken Ham answer is...oh, Luis already used the Ken Ham thing. Yeah. Ken Ham.
No need to "escape" it. Given what Lott's daughters did to him, incest was likely not such a big taboo to the bible's writers as we might suppose.


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