I joined a church for awhile, the reasons for which not being important, and attended ‘classes’ regarding Christianity and science among other things. I was skeptical from the start, but listened with an open mind. And I asked questions.

Later the class instructor informed me, by way of being ‘honest' with me, that I came across as arrogant and acted as if I was smarter than everyone else.

This from a person who believes he was made in the image of a supreme creator, believes this supreme being has a personal interest in everything he does, in his personal welfare, loves him, has a plan for his life, and will reward him with eternal life and happiness. And, he knows this because the supreme creator gave him a divine knowledge this is all true.

Shame on me..

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Now I'm very curious about the background story.

Yes, please, do tell do tell! :)

Please let us in


There you go asking those 'difficult' questions. If you don't keep your head bowed in reverence and chew on the cud of religious ideology like the rest of the herd you will be summarily banned to the grass barren sector of the pasture.

Background story.

I was married to a woman I adored who was basically an agnostic. Around our 10th anniversary she converted and became a born-again christian. She informed me that she was no longer sure she loved me and could not see herself sharing her life with someone who was not on the same 'journey' as she was. Neither of us are perfect people by any stretch, but I wanted to try and make the marriage work. I decided to go with her to church and keep an open mind. After all, in addition to my wife I knew many other people who I repected who were devout christians. We attended a Baptist church for about 2 years before she divorced me. 

I was always honest about my reservations.I sat down and talked with Pastors, read the books they recommended (including the craptastic Lee Strobel and 'The Shack'), attended the afore-mentioned classes, even joined some of the church groups helping to organize different charitable activities.

So my post originates from there.

"We attended a Baptist church for about 2 years before she divorced me."

I admire your conviction to keep your marriage in tact. Sorry 'bout the divorce.

What actually happened with your wife that led to her conversion?

Hard to say what triggered it. I suspect it was a combination of things. She had/has very devout friends, one of our daughters had converted, and I think she was unhappy in some ways. 

That is a total bummer. Sorry to hear that you suffered superstition camp and about the divorce. Did the truth and the spirit of the wisdom of the great lord communicate with you in a personal relationship of truth and wisdom?

I was hoping, actually, to be surprised by them. Having never been a church member before, I was wondering if they might offer something of real substance. But even in my emotionally distressed state at the time, I was severely disappointed. 

I can honestly say there are many nice, giving people in the church. But to observe them willfully swallow the dogma intrinsic to the religion was sad and hard to believe when seen up close. Sermons that might extol the virtues of honesty, family, generosity were muddled up with cherry-picked bible passages and repeated admonishments that none them could hope to be truly good without complete 'faith' and obedience to God. 

And the god-awful worship music played before and after services was the most whiny, pathetic, obsequies crap. I often made excuses to step out when they were playing just to get away from it.

Anyway, this was maybe more answer than your tongue-in-cheek question was asking for.  

... a woman I adored who was basically an agnostic.

Those words could describe an xian who, for a man who adored her, tried agnosticism but had doubts analogous to the doubts you had as you tried xianity.

She returned to what she knew ... and needed.

I find their arrogance and hypocrisy startling.

Like the Hitchens quote; one of my favorites.


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