America is known as the country for equal rights...
I wanted to make a list of people who have suffered the most prejudice throughout American history.
This is my opinion, I'm curious to see who agrees with me, and who can come up with a better list.
This list is in order from least to most.

1. Women
2. Pagan/shamanism practitioners.
3. African Americans
4. Mexican Americans
5. Homosexuals
6. Atheists

Now, this list is very short and of course more groups of people have experienced prejudice. I just wanted to put a quick list together for the people I felt experienced the very most prejudice.

It is very sad that anyone would have fewer rights, or be judged more so then any other group of people.

I believe that a great deal of this problem is caused by literal translations of biblical text, and from people going along with social normalities.

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good point.
Its pretty pointless to compare a group of a select few who chose the position knowing what the risks were and groups of people who can't choose their gender or color of their skin and are sizable groups and not just 40+ men.
Its pretty pointless...

Sure is. I was kidding (I thought it was obvious.)
good point.
yeah, but even the US Declaration of Independence gives "rights" a magical meaning:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
I agree.. :"Rights" do not have to have a religious connotation.

As a human being...regardless of how I got here..I should have the same 'freedoms' (and constraints) that every other human being has. Why shouldn't it? Now thats the bigger question. Why should some human beings have more 'rights' than others?

We are all subject to the same laws of physics..the same laws of gravity...etc.. Our bodies need food and water, shelter and clothing. What does a belief in an imaginary god have to do with that?
Actually if you look into the non-religious philosophy of rights, you'd be proven wrong. Plenty of people have said we are endowed with "natural" rights as in the natural world because we are conscious creatures and assert them for ourselves.

The best explanation in the modern day I have heard of the origin of human rights is that we came up with them through experience, lots of people suffered and lots of trial and error happened for us to realize that we needed to have certain protections afforded to everyone equally.
I agree completely.
The classical period of witchhunts in Europe and North America falls into the Early Modern period or about 1480 to 1700, spanning the upheavals of the Reformation and the Thirty Years' War, resulting in an estimated 40,000 to 100,000 executions.

most of these "witches" where women.

this also supports my number 2 on the list.
I'd change this to include the whole world, but there is no way I would know that much of the world's history. lol
lol I did mention that it wasnt really relative to the conversation.
Jean, you should post a list based on your opinion.


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