America is known as the country for equal rights...
I wanted to make a list of people who have suffered the most prejudice throughout American history.
This is my opinion, I'm curious to see who agrees with me, and who can come up with a better list.
This list is in order from least to most.

1. Women
2. Pagan/shamanism practitioners.
3. African Americans
4. Mexican Americans
5. Homosexuals
6. Atheists

Now, this list is very short and of course more groups of people have experienced prejudice. I just wanted to put a quick list together for the people I felt experienced the very most prejudice.

It is very sad that anyone would have fewer rights, or be judged more so then any other group of people.

I believe that a great deal of this problem is caused by literal translations of biblical text, and from people going along with social normalities.

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Think the original native americans should be added.
I agree. They fall under that category of Pagan/shamanism practitioners.
Ya I think that was THE major oversight in the list. Why would you forget the original group, whose oppression that basically was ingrained in the founding of the country? They're different from Euro pagans.
your right, I kind of used the term shamanistic to include them, but I DO think they deserve their own group.
what? Is that sarcasm?

I know that native Americans have experienced great prejudice for no reason...They were killed off like any other group of people who didn't believe what the government beleived. There land was stolen and we repay them by throwing them into reservations.
I know they were victims of mass killing.
Not exactly to extinction. their are still decedents of native Americans living.

My great grandfather was half blooded. I don't remember which tribe exactly. I've always found Native's way of life very interesting.
I would never put Women on the first position...
But I'm also European and probably need to know more about American history.

I always thought that African Americans were the ones that suffered the most. (All the slavery years until 1865)
Paulo, even through out the old testament, women where treated as property and were tought to blindely follow their husbands.

as far as women in the states:

Free African Americans had the right to vote before women did.
and to this day women are still not treated as equals. It's illegal to do so, but it happens anyway...that women are typically payed less then men are.

oh and...need I mention the witch hunts?
these happened throughout Europe first. lol
Ok, point taken.

All this prejudice is really sad :(

and notice I have Pagan before African Americans. no one threatened to kill slaves if they didn't believe what their masters did. It would have been a waste of money. lol...kind of.

it IS sad.
actually the definition of Paganism is usually pretty agreed upon. Paganism is an adherent of a religion other than Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

idk...I still say that witch hunting in the early colonies is more responsible for prejudice then anything blacks have experienced. blacks are treated horrible still. this is true, but they have never been victims of a mass killing.


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