America is known as the country for equal rights...
I wanted to make a list of people who have suffered the most prejudice throughout American history.
This is my opinion, I'm curious to see who agrees with me, and who can come up with a better list.
This list is in order from least to most.

1. Women
2. Pagan/shamanism practitioners.
3. African Americans
4. Mexican Americans
5. Homosexuals
6. Atheists

Now, this list is very short and of course more groups of people have experienced prejudice. I just wanted to put a quick list together for the people I felt experienced the very most prejudice.

It is very sad that anyone would have fewer rights, or be judged more so then any other group of people.

I believe that a great deal of this problem is caused by literal translations of biblical text, and from people going along with social normalities.

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I can see your point. Blacks may have been the majority of people who have been killed in the states.

do you have the numbers for the European witch hunts? through out the world, not including the states this time, I still think that women where probably treated worse. esp. in biblical times.

nvm..I posted it in this forum already.

but then again they killed Egypt's first born babies.

shit....who DIDN'T they kill?
I do in fact consider all of the above beliefs as pagan.
the dictionary says that a Pagan belief is ANY belief that is not descended from Abraham.

I beleive the exact discription is:
Paganism (from Latin paganus, meaning "country dweller", "rustic"[1]) is a blanket term, typically used to refer to polytheistic religious traditions, although from a Christian perspective, the term can encompass all non–Abrahamic religions

I have many friends who do not have the same deity as Christians who completely agree with this statement.
I'd REALLY have to disagree with you. Its so Euro-centric.

You're ignoring the HUGE Eastern religions which it would destroy the usage of the word pagan as a category. Buddhism and Hinduism are unified worldviews and completely different and especially Buddhism was widely adopted and not a folk religion. I think its fair to cast various minor polytheistic traditions as pagan but if you're going to ignore the major Eastern religions and cast them all together, you're making a big mistake.

Buddhism was a big player and often played a big role in being used by to justify subjugation of their subjects by emperors (Think Japan).
hey, I'm only saying what my dictionary said! lol
I can agree with this. I'm not saying you are wrong.
like I said....there isn't a whole lot of people who where NOT slaves in the bible. According to Exodus, the lord told mosses his people could keep any one who was not the chosen ones as slaves.
I agree with most of what you said.
I never really looked into black history much.

I'm still sticking with my definition of Paganism though. The language that is used is only relative to the people using it. besides, some people would argue that Buddhism and Taoism are not really a religion. They are more like a philosophical belief.
7. Presidents or presidential candidates.
care to elaborate?
Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, the Kennedy brothers. Looks like president shooting is a national sport in the States.
haha good point. I still don't think I would say they should be anywhere near the top of the list though
Statistically they are. There's only one president at a time, yet four of them were shot dead since the office was created. If women had to suffer the same attrition rate, you'd expect the average female to suffer the same fate before she turns 60.



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