Curious as to others thoughts & opinions on the fact that we base ones intelligence in some part in pattern recognition and the quicker you can see a conclusion from a pattern and be correct in that conclusion would seem to me that it is a basic survival technique.  If a god existed would it be necessary to do so, if things were to happen as a "god" dictates then we could not trust in pattern recognition.

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Even bees recognize patterns, e.g. specific kinds of flowers. I'm not sure what you're asking, but could the answer depend on which god you're asking about?

In days gone by, people were presumably seeing the same patterns we see now: but they didn't understand the explanation for them.  These days, we usually understand why things happen.  So we can have more trust in our pattern recognition. 

What you're saying suggests that to gather information and accumulate knowledge is a survival techinique. 

If God did something that we couldn't fathom, that would perhaps be a miracle. 

Some people claim to see the hand of God in everyday events, so the meaning they ascribe to patterns is different from that of the rest of us. 

You're correct. If all patterns are not based on knowable, natural processes then there is no pattern to recognize.
A whimsical god would destroy the fabric of existence, thus "God doesn't play dice."

"there is no pattern to recognize.

- surely we don't recognise patterns so much as create and impose them. 

But on the other hand, as Pope Beanie says, flowers create patterns especially for bees to recognise. 

A "pattern" is just a recognisable structure.  And nature is full of those. 

If DNA is not a pattern, I do not know what is.


When a premise includes "if god existed then" type statements, one must take a step back and ask how we know WHAT things WOULD be like, IF god existed.

If I am understanding your point, you are postulating that if god existed, there would not BE patterns, and, being good at pattern recognition would not be selected for.

That, of course, then runs into if natural selection is actually happening in the first well as there being no way to know (Can't prove a non-falsifiable false negative) whether patterns would or, would not, be part of say, Odin, Zeus or Yahweh's MO.

To FURTHER complicate the issue, humans are "good at" pattern recognition, but, terrible at telling a real pattern from humans tend to selectively observe the parts of the whole that then allows them to CREATE a pattern where none actually existed.

In laboratory experiments for example, the more religious a person was, the more likely they were to identify a random sequence as having a pattern, and so forth.

IE: Confirmation Bias is something that runs rampant in humans, and, in religious humans in they see what they want to see, and ignore anything that doesn't add to the picture they want to exist.


So, basically, its far from proof that god doesn't exist, or does...its just recognition of a tendency.


"If a god existed would it be necessary to do so, if things were to happen as a "god" dictates then we could not trust in pattern recognition.

- the implication is that if God intervened arbitrarily, there wouldn't be any rhyme or reason to the world. 

I think that if God existed and wanted to intervene, it is entirely plausible that he would do so by "nudging" things in some kind of direction that does not look unusual to us.  For example, things could happen that are not out of the ordinary, yet they still would not have happened had God not intervened. 

God certainly nudged things when he flooded the planet, killing almost everything.


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