Hey everyone! It's late for me here so please excuse any mistakes in logic. I think all that matters is that I try, right?


Okay, so I am trying to think about why I'm so certain that there is no God or gods. My friend and I were talking about it and he asked me how I can be sure that when I die there won't be a God waiting for me. He I think that he was implying that it took a "leap of faith" to be sure that there was nothing and that he was making the "safe bet." This really got me thinking.


Since I love analogies when trying to explain my thinking I tried to come up with the right analogy for the wager. So far I think it is something like this:


Someone presents you with thousands of boxes. He tells you that you can choose one box. One of which may or may not contain $1,000. In order to choose a box you must pay the person $100. To add to this, you know for a fact that no one has any idea which is the correct box (if there even is one) despite many claims. Also, the person tells you that the money was put there by a purple unicorn. Whether he reeks of gin may be irrelevant. The question is do you choose to play? Sounds like a stupid game to me.


I tried to convey how deeply flawed the idea of even playing is. The original wager assumes that there is nothing lost in choosing God. Most of us know that it is not that simple. I'm really having trouble with showing how the idea that there is any money in the box is silly. To think that any religion is correct forces us to overlook the fact that religion didn't exist before some very special hominids walked the Earth. Holy books that are supposed to be the perfect word of God include inaccuracies. With so much craziness it's hard to explain simply. I just had a feeling that my conclusion that God doesn't exist was logical but I had to think really hard about why.

Any suggestions? Did I miss anything? Sorry it's long.

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